A braided bracelet is an accessory that is worn on the wrist to enhance beauty. When styled with the right outfit, it reflects character as well as a person’s sense of style. While men tend to prefer braided bracelets that incorporate leather material, women on the other hand, can go for daisy bracelets to portray their femininity. Whether bold or just cool colors, there’s a braided bracelet for everyone which will look fabulous for every occasion.

Leather Braided Bracelet

leather braided bracelet

Leather braided bracelet on a man tends to express masculinity. This one is for a man who has a playful attitude. It comes in a wraparound design to fit perfectly and is available in silver or rose gold Bellabeat leaf design.

Braided Bead Bracelet

braided bead bracelet

When it comes to styling beaded jewelry, then those with large bead size are more casual while small sizes look good with a formal attire. In this braided bracelet, the royal blue cotton cord compliments the dark pink Japanese beads.

Braided Anchor Bracelet

braided anchor bracelet

This stunning braided bracelet will look good on all skin tones. Suitable for male and females alike, the cubic zirconia brass anchor and leather material makes it durable and elegant. The subtle brown color will also complement casual outfits.

Diamond Braided Bracelet

diamond braided bracelet

Shiny and elegant diamond bracelets never go out of style. With an infinity knot as a centerpiece, this braided bracelet makes for a perfect gift for your best friend who is a girl. The yellow gold color further makes the bracelet stand out.

Braided Rhinestone Bracelet

braided rhinestone bracelet

With a lobster claw heart clasp and a high-quality silver sterling finish, this braided rhinestone bracelet is chic and elegant. What’s to love about this cute bracelet is that it comes with matching necklace, memory charm and earrings.

Double Braided Bracelet

double braided bracelet

If you still haven’t mastered the art of layering, then worry no more because this bracelet features a double design that can act as a layering style. The clasp element makes it easier to wear and remove this accessory.

Braided Wire Bracelet

braided wire bracelet

As a man even when you wear a casual outfit you still need to love sharp and smart. Give your watch a break by wearing this wire braided bracelet in silver color. The dot pattern makes this accessory modern and eye catching.

Metal Braided Bracelet

metal braided bracelet

Girls who need to make a fashion statement in the easiest way possible can do so with a braided bracelet that has bold patterns. The metal cuff design helps it to fit any wrist size.

Silver Braided Cuff Bracelet

silver braided cuff bracelet

Brown Leather Braided Bracelet

brown leather braided bracelet

Trendy Braided Bracelet Idea

trendy braided bracelet idea

Men’s Braided Bracelet

mens braided bracelet

Rose Gold Braided Bracelet

rose gold braided bracelet

Blue Braided Bracelet Design

blue braided bracelet design

Tribal Braided Bracelet

tribal braided bracelet

Simple Braided Bracelet Design

simple braided bracelet design

Wrap Braided Bracelet

wrap braided bracelet

How to wear a braided bracelet?

Just like any other jewelry braided bracelet can complete a man’s look. Metallic or slim beaded bracelet in black or brown color will complement work outfits. While with casual attire you can go as far as opting for a rainbow color or a turquoise bracelet. Just ensure it fits naturally with your outfit.

The Dos of how men should wear bracelets

Only wear braided bracelets on one hand. Wearing on both hands will make you look desperate to make a fashion statement. While layering has become a trendy thing, the trick to looking classy is to wear a wristwatch with thin bracelets.

While braided bracelets were once limited to women only, men can also wear this design to portray their fashion style and complement their outfits. To symbolize their masculine style they can also go for a scorpion bracelet design in any color that reflects mood and personality. So, get yourself one of these awesome braided bracelets.

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