Bracelet Designs

We all wear accessories to enhance the beauty of a particular body part, and bracelets work to decorate the hand. From pearls, Paracord, metallic, beads, leather, charm, cuff, to those with gemstones, you can either stack different types on the wrist or wear one large bold design. It is easy to associate bracelets with feminine traits. However, even men have embraced this accessory and use it to showcase their style and personality. The right bracelet will consider your wrist size, outfit and personal style. While there are many bracelet designs, always choose those which look beautiful on your wrist and complement your skin tone. Read More

Nowadays bracelets have become favorite accessories in a man’s wardrobe. However, not all guys can pull this look perfectly and still express their masculinity. Men who wear suits look stylish wearing metallic or thin leather bracelets with subtle charms such as a cross or braided designs. For summer, wear beaded bracelets, and you can even try different color shades or opt for string and rope codes with beads woven in them. Metal cuffs are unisex and wearing them adds a touch of elegance.

Gemstone and pearl bracelets are ideal for women who love simple yet elegant designs. These designs are mostly worn alone and will easily complement a work outfit. Wristwatch bracelets are a popular trend especially with teenagers, and they feature thin leather strands, different charms and a watch in between. These types of bracelets tend to incorporate unique charms hence you can get a design with nautical, floral, animal and heart themes. Women looking for bracelets with a religious inspiration can go for Shambala or magnetic bracelets. Friendship bracelets will make a perfect gift, and you can even get it in your favorite color. Those looking for a timeless and classic bracelets then chunky bangles in either gold or silver metal will look great with either formal or casual outfits.

Bracelets are an integral component of completing your whole look. They have modern, cultural and religious values hence ladies wear bracelets with their everyday outfits and put on the sparkly ones during special celebrations. While layering bracelets are trendy, if you are not familiar with this styling method then choose multistrand designs which incorporate different materials. They tend to feature multiple bracelets with one clasp and complement short sleeves dresses and sleeveless tops. Individuals who don’t know their wrist size should choose link bracelets which can be easily resized.