In West India, the Nathni is the popular hoop nose ring that is most used in western Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The large hoop is usually made of gold and sometimes decorated with precious gemstones. The Nathni is connected with the hair in a long delicate chain attached to the nose.

14K Gold Designer Nose Ring

14k gold designer nose ring


The Jadau Nath Nose Ring

the jadau nath nose ring


In South India, the diamond nose stud is a traditional nose stud worn by brides. With this age old practice the nose stud would consist of three or more diamonds with a unique bridal pattern. The nose piercing must be in both nostrils as it gives an authentic South Indian appeal.

Yellow Gold Traditional Nose Ring of Himachal Pradesh

yellow gold traditional nose ring of himachal pradesh


Nath Clip Type Maharashtrian Nose Ring of Pearl Beads

nath clip type maharashtrian nose ring of pearl beads


In North India, the Latkan is a one nose ring design that emphasis on the connecting chair instead of the nose ring itself. The stud or ring is basically plain metal which focuses on a decorative chain that resembled a uniform charm bracelet. There is also another variety of North Indian Latkan where it is also called as “Bullag,” which is a small pendant that suspends from the middle of the nostril.

Traditional Design 20k Gold Nose Ring

traditional design 20k gold nose ring


Indian Gold Nath Nose Ring

indian gold nath nose ring


Flower Design Gold Tone Polki Nose Ring

flower design gold tone polki nose ring


Piercing Bridal Nose Ring

piercing bridal nose ring


White Stone Studded Non Piercing Nath

white stone studded non piercing nath


Anvi’s Floral Design Nose Ring

anvis floral design nose ring


The Kosara Nose Ring

the kosara nose ring


Solitaire Diamond Fashion Nose Ring

solitaire diamond fashion nose ring


A heavier version of the Nathni is the Punjabi nath. This is mainly worn by the Punjabi brides as this type of nath consists of a medium or large sized hoop that is decorated with tiny pendants in a row that goes along the chain. This connects the nose ring to the hair. The Punjabi nath can be seen in many colors, sizes, and patterns and is considered one of the most popular forms of traditional Indian bridal jewelry.

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