Scrolling through your social media timeline, you must have noticed some or the other posts related to some very popular phenomena. The first phenomenon that comes to our mind is of course the iconic television series FRIENDS. And if there is anything thing else we would like to list here, it would certainly be zodiac signs. Yes! There must be someone in your profile who would share all kinds of zodiac related post. Or may be you are that someone to your friend. In any of the way, it is difficult to go through social media without stumbling upon any zodiac prediction article.

To be honest, we think astrology is fun. Irrespective of your ideology or religious beliefs, you can always entertain yourself with zodiac predictions and compatibility and reading the various personality traits of all the star signs. Joining the zodiac bandwagon, we have the Spanish retailer Zara. Now you can flaunt your zodiac sign without losing any marks on style with the new Zara horoscope handbags.

There are 12 bags in the collection (of course!) and each of these bags can be used as clutch and also as a cross-body. These bags are stylish and supercool. They can be a lot of fun to any outfit or look and are sure to get you lots of attention. Not only should you get one for yourself but they can be a perfect gift for your zodiac obsessed friend. Let’s have a close look at each of them

1. The Jewel Bag

We love the color choices since Red and Black are true Aries color. The bag is studded with jewels and that is reason it is called the Jewel Bag.

2. The Applique Bag

This is one of our favourite designs from the collection. The nose rings gets the design extra brownie points. The color is beautiful and overall the bag looks chic and trendy.

3. The Twin Bag

It is not difficult to figure out that the bag represents the twin sign, Gemini. Another solid color but the design could have been more creative.

4. The Crab Bag

For our true blue Cancerians.

5. The Lion Bag

Only a true Leo would be able to carry a bag that edgy.

6. The Doll Bag

The bag representing the Virgo sign is called the Doll bag and this is our favourite name from all the bags. The color and design is perfect for the girlie girls.

7. The Balance Bag

Librans are believed to be fashionable and stylish and we don’t know if they would approve of the aesthetics or not. We think there is a scope for a little improvement here.

8. The Scorpio Bag

Another blue bag in the kity, this time for the mysterious and secretive scorpions.

9. The Arrow Bag

With this bag our dear Saggies will definitely shoot some perfect fashion arrows.

10. The Brave Bag

Another personal favourite, the bag looks adorable. Lucky you Capricorns!

11. The Feather Bag

We don’t know the reason behind the feather but as a design element we think looks cool and different.

12. The Ocean Bag

We don’t really have to tell you the sign this bag represents. This is the most evident design from the collection.

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