You can easily transform the way you look by using these punk makeup ideas. They have a shock value and are unconventional. If you want to create enough drama, you can use this makeup tricks. It requires boldness and individuality to carry this makeup. It has been one of the most influential makeup street styles.

Vivid colors for eye shadows, eye liners, and lipstick are used in this makeup. The hairstyle is also random and creative. Women who have a creative heart and a rebellious streak can try this style of makeup.

The dark eye shadow is a creative makeup style. It gives a distressed look. For all those teen in punk rock bands, try this makeup and slash on some rocker style.

Goth Punk Makeup

goth punk makeup


Forget Halloween, if you have been bitten by Marylyn Manson music, then you can try this makeup on. Women who are into gothic artworks or music, or simply can carry off this style of dark eyeshadows and red lips stick can try this on. You may also see Crazy Makeup DesignsBlack Lipstick Makeover Look

black lipstick makeover


Sheer black lipstick and no eye makeup, this is the best punk look for everyday styling. Punk makeup styles are suitable only for teenage girls. Young women with petite figures must avoid using this distressed look like a plague.

Try this cute punk style with a dark eye makeup, dark purple lipstick, neat long hair, no Mohawk, and tiny dots placed on the eyebrows. Applied is a dark peach-colored nail polish and a leather biker hand glove is put on.

Black Smudged Eyeliner Idea

black smudged eyeliner idea


Color your hair in green and pierce chin, wearing studs and a mauve color lipstick. Yes, try this unique punk style that has ‘mauve’ color lipstick, in contrast to the stereotypical black color lipstick.

Punk Blue Eye Shadow Idea

punk blue eyeshadow idea


Forget your weight, even if you are the one with chubby cheeks, you can try this punk style. A beautiful shade of sheer pink and blue eye makeup applied above a lengthier eye liner style. This is suitable for women of all age groups. However, what you choose to wear with this kind of a makeup is a tricky decision.

Wear a steel chain and a nose ring with this makeup of bright red lipstick and dramatic eyeliner. This cat eyeliner style is suitable for women of all age groups. Apply a good dose of dark slate gray eye shadow that fills the volume of the eye. This is the simplest makeup to try even on a normal day. If you are working in a serious environment, do not even go near these shades of eye shadows.

If you are looking at fantasy eye makeup, try this style of punk makeup. With a dramatic and a colorful Mohawk, and lipstick in black, you can try this style of makeup when attending rock concerts. Headbang and take a dip in the moshpit.

Pop Punk Makeup Idea

pop punk makeup idea


This makeup style has dark, metallic blue eye shadow applied throughout the eyelid. Pop these colors and use a pastel shade of sheer lipstick. In all the makeup styles, do not forget the dramatic eyeliner application. It is a must to get creative with this style! You may also see Pastel Makeup Designs

Perfect Punk Makeup and Hairdo

perfect punk makeup and hairdo


Gothic Style Punk Makeup

gothic style punk makeup


Punk Eye and Lips Makeover

punk eye and lips makeover


Stylish Makeup Design Idea

stylish makeup design idea


Punk Smokey Eye Makeup

punk smokey eye makeup


Black Liner Punk Makeup

black liner spooky makeup


Punk Spiky Hair Makeup Look

pretty punk eyeliner makeup


The crazy makeup of punk is a niche style. Someone with a lot of individuality and boldness can carry this style with élan. If you have a conventional mind, this style is not for you. For the bold and the brazen women, who love their radical streak, try these makeup tips.

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