The disco makeup trends can be traced from way back in the 70’s, a decade full of pastels and bold geometric shapes. The lively and vibrant colors along with the glamorous settings of the disco balls have created the perfect magical combination for women who wish to feel like absolute divas. In this post, we are going to go through a splendid collection of dance makeup that will make you feel like a disco queen.

Katy Perry Disco Makeup

katy perry disco makeup

For a pastel look, you can recreate this Katy Perry inspired makeup. The pink hues of the purple eyeshadow look amazing with all eye colors and can be completed with bold eye line.

Lady Gaga Disco Makeup

lady gaga disco makeup

The purple hair have a pastel hue that will make everyone stop and stare. The simple eye makeup has an elegant approach that gives the eyes a regal look. The deep purple lipstick matches the hair completing this disco party look.

Glitter Disco Makeup

glitter disco makeup


Glitters offer a unique way to create statement makeup look. In this case, the glitters on the cheek bones add a sharpness that looks like from outer space. The metallic characteristics can only be balanced with metallic colors on the lips. You may also see Puppet Makeup Designs

Simple Disco Makeup

simple disco makeup


For everyday makeup, you can take a look at this makeup style. The black pencil outlining the eyes sets a dark mood while the dark pink color on the lips balances the face. For the cheeks, choose a pale pink color.

Teal Disco Makeup Design

teal disco makeup design


Apart from the makeup products, you can also use rhinestones. This way you can create glamorous makeup looks that will be ideal for parties. A great idea is to place them on the temples for an exotic look.

Disco Eye Makeup

disco eye makeup


You can also pull off the disco makeup on weddings or other special occasions. However, when you want to go all out with your party makeup you can choose to paint your eyebrows in a vibrant color like this one.

This 70’s inspired makeup look has it all. Bold teal eyes, metallic stars on the cheek bones and fuchsia lips that promise for glamorous nights at the disco. Keep the color only on the eyelid for a milder look.

Vintage Disco Makeup

vintage disco makeup


Combine colors like green and purple in pastel hues for a cute look. This vintage makeup style has a fun elegance that gives a timeless look to the girl that wears it. You can go for pink and yellow too.

You can create a crazy makeup look easily by bringing the colors up to your temples. This will give you a mask-like effect that is perfect for parties. You can use your most vibrant color pallet without fear.

Disco Party Makeup

disco party makeup


Create a cat eye line on the outer lines of your eyes to give emphasis on them. Use purple shadow and make sure that you blend it well and that you won’t rise too close to your eyebrows.

Cool Disco Style Makeup

cool disco style makeup


Disco Hair Makeover Design

disco hair makeover design


Disco Eyes and Hair Makeover

disco eyes and hair makeover


Gorgeous Disco Makeup Idea

gorgeous disco makeup idea


Disco makeup is on the daring side. If you are still hesitating then start small with a little pastel colored eyeshadow on the eyes. Still, you can make so many combinations with colors that will look good on a party night out like a beautiful stage makeup look would.

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