Among the most creative and stylish tattooing ideas that you can use to get inked is to go for the crab tattoo. There are many ideas, thoughts and beliefs associated with the tattoo the main one being to indicate the zodiac sign cancer. Crabs link well with oceans and also the livelihood provided that most people living on the seashore have.

Talking about animal symbolism, crab mainly represents reprise and rebirth. Crab tattoo can be a perfect idea for tattoo lovers who are considering their next design for ink.

Unique Crab Tattoo on Knee

unique crab tattoo on knee


As you’ve got the key idea behind the tattoo, you’re about to just get inked in the most distinctive manner. The tattoo distinguishes you from other crab tattoos with some unique ideas that shout out creativity from every dimension. You’ll enjoy all the expressive ideas behind this rich creation.

Traditional Crab Shoulder Tattoo Design

traditional crab shoulder tattoo design


Being a common form of tattoo design, the traditional crab shoulder tattoo is appraised by many inkmasters as well as the tattoo lovers due to its sense of style and minimalism. Designed in the right way to correctly occupy your shoulder, the black crab tattoo pulls a huge attention from the crowd and creates a style statement wherever you go.

Zodiac Cancer Symbol Tattoo

zodiac cancer symbol tattoo


This crab is a favorite among zodiac signs lovers with rich colors and attractive tattoo designs. Being the fourth Zodiac sign and anyone who’s drawn towards the crab would obviously like to resemble features similar to the crab like a tough exterior for protection of susceptible interior, perhaps also suggesting a few hidden weaknesses.

Samurai Crab Tattoo Design Idea

samurai crab tattoo design idea


Most crabs would have a hard outer shell for protection of their delicate parts and with the Samurai Crab Tattoo idea design you can mainly resemble a strong defense at your side with ultimate protection. The deep meaning behind the tattoo and its color patterns make it a worth try on your tattoo list.

Colorful Zodiac Tattoo

colorful zodiac tattoo


Be the favorite of zodiac believers with the colorful zodiac tattoo inked right on you. Additionally being the cancer zodiac sign the tattoo has many hidden meanings with the zodiac number right inked right at the middle. Amazing patterns and designs are an integral part of the tattoo.

Funky Crab Tattoo on Arm

funky crab tattoo on arm


A tattoo for someone who wants to flaunt a range of colors and patterns with trendiness and flashiness! Funky Crab arm tattoo simply covers the idea of island life on your arm.

Pink Crab Arm Tattoo

pink crab arm tattoo


Classic Crab Tattoo Design

classic crab tatto design


Crab Foot Tattoo

crab foot tattoo


Crab Tattoo with Flower

crab tattoo with flower


Cartoon Crab Tattoo Idea

cartoon crab tattoo idea


Crab Dot Work Leg Tattoo

crab dot work leg tattoo


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