Born in the twelfth house of the Zodiac, Pisceans are known for their compassion, artistic bent of mind and gentle, loving nature. More intuitive than any other sign in the Zodiac, the Pisceans have a natural tendency to love artistic inspirations and unique beautiful designs. Consequently, if you’re a Piscean, there’s a huge chance that you totally adore prettily designed tattoos and would not shy away from getting one at unique places on your body! Following is a compilation of lovely Pisces tattoos we have come across.

Lovely Pisces Tattoo Design

lovely pisces tattoo design


Starting off with this lovely piece of a true Piscean tattoo with the colors blending in with each other gorgeously, wear this one right on your sleeve and let the brilliance of your tattoo beautify your limbs! You can never go wrong with this Pisces tattoo adorning your arm.

Beautiful Pisces Foot Tattoo

fish foot tattoo


Oh, don’t you just love these cute little fishes designed to embellish as an ankle tattoo? With their curvy flowing fins floating around to give a warm and romantic feeling, these blue fishes will steal all the attention at your next PJ party!

Purple Pisces Hand Tattoo

cute pisces hand tattoo


Notice the beautiful details at the edges? This pair of beautiful violet fishes represents exactly what a Piscean appears to people: proud and a bit unapproachable, but when you finally get through them, they are the most-loving natured persons you will ever come across!

Pisces Thigh Tattoo Design

pisces thigh tattoo design


Pisceans can secretly be pretty wild, and this one is the perfect tattoo to match your hidden sexy personality! With gorgeous numerous fins mixing up and flowing in multiple ways on your thigh, let your attractiveness flow wild onto your body.

Small Pisces Back Tattoo

small pisces back tattoo


Pisceans love pure black just as much as colourful binge. Blending in their passion for delicate details with gorgeous black ink, this tattoo stands out from amongst the rest because of the wonderful symbolism it carries. And what better location than the end of your nape to give a pop-out prominence to the tattoo!

Pisces Zodiac Sign Tattoo

pisces zodiac sign tattoo


Another gorgeous piece from the wonderful category, this tattoo stands out for it pretty flowing fins done in shades of black. The concept behind the gorgeous long fins is that while the Pisceans might be introverts, but their imagination extends very far!

Fish Tattoo Design with Flowers

fish tattoo design with flowers


The Piscean pair of fishes, the love for flowers and all things pretty, and the Zodiac symbol for Pisces – this one has got it all! Done at the nape of the beck, it brings out the glory of a Pisces tattoo with its brilliant mix of colors with sketched black ink.

Pisces Leg Tattoo Design

pisces leg tattoo design


How about matching tattoos on your forearms to showcase your true nature of being a Piscean? With these pretty fishes you can create a wonderful symbolism.   The trick here is to get the details right and being creative and experimentative.

Pisces Tattoo Design for Men

pisces tattoo design for men


One from the Wild West era, this one is all about proclaiming your Zodiac sign, out and loud on your arm for all to see! Include in a few water bubbles for the additional effect.

Black and White Ankle Tattoo

black and white ankle tattoo


Dark Black Pisces Hand Tattoo

dark black pisces hand tattoo


Neo Traditional Fish Tattoo

neo traditional fish tattoo


Little Pisces Sleeve Tattoo

little pisces sleeve tattoo


Orange Pisces with Floral Tattoo

orange pisces with floral tattoo


Cute Fish Foot Tattoo

cute fish foot tattoo


Watercolor Pisces Tattoo

watercolor pisces tattoo


Cute Black Pisces Back Tattoo

cute black pisces back tattoo


Little Fish Hand Tattoo

little fish hand tattoo


Getting one of these will speak to your very heart and soul! Pisceans adore visual and spiritual art so of course, a Pisces tattoo is going to stand out as an eye-catcher amongst a huge crowd of other ideas! Try getting one for yourself this year and see the beautiful designs bring about a change in you!

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