Out of the many accessories, you can wear to look better, a swirly tattoo design – especially, tribal tattoo designs – can enhance your entire attire. You can match a trendy tattoo to set your image, like a fierce tattoo to show your untamed nature, or a calmer, lighter tattoo design that would make you appealing, yet decent. Without further ado, let me give you a list of swirly tattoo designs to help you decide.

Japanese Swirl Tattoo

japanese swirl tattoo


This is a bold, yet attractive swirl tattoo that anyone can rock. It looks just as good on a woman as on this well-built manly arm but if you’re looking for something quieter, scroll down for butterfly tattoo designs and heart tattoo designs.

Celtic Swirl Tattoos

celtic swirl tattoo


A trio! I think I’ll get this one next. It doesn’t scream, “Look at me!”, but says a flirty little “Hi”. I figure it would look best on the wrist, neck, or maybe on the lower back.

Beautiful Swirly Tattoo

beautiful swirly tattoo


Butterfly tattoo designs, what else does a girl need? This swirly tattoo design would make a great addition to your looks, especially when it’s on your back. Pair it up with your girlfriends and you can make an impression.

Butterfly and Swirls Tattoo

butterfly and swirls tattoo


Would you like promoting breast cancer awareness with style? Then walk around with this feminine tattoo on your arm, or even better, on your neck. If you’re going for the neck, albeit, tell your tattooist to size down this swirly tattoo design a little to avoid being overdone.

Flowers and Swirls Tattoos

flowers and swirls tattoos


With these pretty flowers, you would have heads turning when you walk with a shoulder off dress, with this tattoo inked on your shoulder.

Swirl Wrist Tattoo Design

swirl wrist tattoo design


This tattoo design has a punch of color, and would look good on both genders. Also, it doesn’t have to be limited to a wrist design – it can be tattooed onto your thigh, too.

Ankle Swirl Tattoo

ankle swirl tattoo


Rose Swirl Tattoo Idea

rose swirl tattoo idea


Awesome Swirl Shoulder Tattoo

awesome swirl shoulder tattoo


Beautiful Swirl Tattoo Idea

beautiful swirl tattoo idea


Small Swirl Palm Tattoo

small swirl palm tattoo


Black Swirl Tattoo for Leg

black swirl tattoo for leg


Swirl Half Sleeve Tattoo

swirl half sleeve tattoo


Colorful Swirl Tattoo

colorful swirl tattoo


Star Swirl Tattoo for Hip

star swirl tattoo for neck


Coming down with this list told me one thing: tattoos are not always hardcore, they can be pretty, too! If you’re one of those people who always wanted a tattoo but were afraid that it might look ‘too much’, then you’ve found the right list of swirly tattoo designs that would suit you. Among all the swirly tattoo designs, flower tattoo designs are our favorite. What’s your favorite: Tribal, flower, stars, or butterfly swirly tattoo designs? Tell us below, or post a picture of your tattoo!

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