Millions of men and women around the world have chosen to get a snake tattoo. When one thinks about snakes the first image that comes to mind is the king of the species, the notorious cobra. Cobra tattoos have badass designs with fierce designs that hiss “danger”. Following this we have gathered a cobra tattoo design list that will give you a firsthand idea of the most royal and dangerous snake tattoos you can find.

King Cobra Tattoo Design

King Cobra Tattoo Design Source

A fierce looking cobra back piece tattoo. The lining of this piece took two and a half hours and meaning that the coloring and shading will take more. You can choose to have it in a black and white design.

Traditional Cobra Tattoo

Traditional Cobra Tattoo Source

Cobras have been a traditional theme for tattoos incorporating the royalty of the snake species and strong vibes. The vibrant colors, of this piece of ink make it ideal for both men and women. You may also see Dagger Tattoo Designs

Cobra Head Tattoo

Cobra Head Tattoo Source

There is no need to get a full body snake. In this cobra tattoo, the head is enough to convey the badass and dangerous vibe the client wanted. The fading colors talk about the great work of the artist.

Japanese Cobra Tattoo Idea

Japanese Cobra Tattoo Idea Source

Japanese tattoos have been around for centuries. Add a cobra to the equation and you will be set with a stunning design. The intricate designs of the Japanese tattoos take lots of time in order to line and draw.

Cobra Forearm Tattoo

Cobra Forearm Tattoo Source

A snake holding a broken heart in a vicious hold. This tattoo screams danger in a remarkable work of ink art. The shading will take some time to complete so get ready to spend time in the tattoo parlor.

Old School Cobra Tattoo

Old School Cobra Tattoo Source

A cobra’s head can be designed on the hand too. This old school cobra is suitable for tattoo designs for men. The strong vibes that the drawing evokes make for a great piece for newcomers in the tattoo world.

Cobra Tattoo on Sleeve

Cobra Tattoo on Sleeve Source

Sleeve tattoos can have any theme you can imagine. Like this cobra sleeve one, you can have a black and white tattoo, with lots of swirls and details. This is suitable for both men and women of any age.

Cobra Tattoo on Neck

Cobra Tattoo on Neck Source

Black and red play a strong color combination for cobra tattoos. This one on the side of the neck looks like hissing viciously on the client’s ear. This is also a great idea for cover up tattoo.

Cobra Tattoo on Back

Cobra Tattoo on Back Source

The continuation of a cobra design we saw above. The shading and the coloring of the design along with different elements of the snake and the flowers create a contradicting tattoo. It requires great skill to achieve this level.

Cobra and Rose Tattoo Design

Cobra and Rose Tattoo Design Source

Tattoos can be used as cover for old scars. This cobra design has great detail that requires time to complete. You can also have it in a black and white design with shading. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Black and Grey Cobra Tattoo

Black and Grey Cobra Tattoo Source

Cobra Tattoo on Arm

Cobra Tattoo on Arm Source

Custom Cobra Tattoo Design

Custom Cobra Tattoo Design Source

Unqiue Cobra Tattoo Design

Unqiue Cobra Tattoo Design Source

Cobra Tattoo on Stomach

Cobra Tattoo on Stomach Source

Black Work Cobra Tattoo Idea

Black Work Cobra Tattoo Idea Source

Realistic Cobra Tattoo for Men

Realistic Cobra Tattoo for Men Source

Cobra Tattoo on Thigh

Cobra Tattoo on Thigh Source

Simple Cobra Tattoo Design

Simple Cobra Tattoo Design Source

Colorful Cobra Tattoo Idea

Colorful Cobra Tattoo Idea Source

Cobra and Skull Tattoo on Hand

Cobra and Skull Tattoo on Hand Source

Cobras will make you feel like royalty. You can have it in any size you want from a small head over the hand to a full sleeve tattoo with the king of the snakes in all his glory. Choose the design that appeals to you the most and get started.

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