Inking the body with motifs and designs has been in vogue since the 18th Century. Many tribes have tattooed the names of gods and goddesses on their arms to show their faith. Tattooing has been used across various cultures, globally, for various reasons.Chester Charles Bennington, the lead vocalist of Linking Park rock band has ring tattoo inked on his finger rings.

Diamond Jewel Tattoo Design

diamond jewel tattoo design


This tattoo gives a 3D effect when inked onto the arm. You need to have a bulky arm to carry this well. This tattoo design has an artistic border in floral stenciled art and is colored in yellowish gold. It also has a slight tinge of teal spread on a few areas of this design.

Gem Finger Tattoo Design

gem finger tattoo design


An inverted diamond tattoo on the finger and a tiny heart motif on the palm talks of subtlety. This tattoo suits men in their middle age. You could try this design out of boredom.

Skin Jewel Tattoo Design

skin jewel tattoo design


Bored of wearing jewelry? You can wear this tattoo which has a mauve color and a shimmer. Anyone wearing this tattoo looks like they are wearing a piece of jewelry. It looks good on women below thirty years of age.

Jewel Bug Tattoo Idea

jewel bug tattoo idea


Young boys can experiment with this tattoo design. They can ink it on their torso. This is a colorful design with the wings of the bug colored in pink and dark mauve. The body of the bug is shaped in the form of an inverted conical diamond and painted in red.

Crown Jewel Tattoo Design

crown jewel tattoo design


You can wear a crown design tattoo on your arm. With the arches of the crown designed in black, jewel set depicted is colored in green and red. Young biker boys can wear them on arms. Dice tattoo would be a nice minimalistic design to go with.

Feather Jewel Tattoo Design

feather jewel tattoo design


Jewel Back Tattoo Idea

jewel back tattoo idea


Black and Grey Half Sleeve Tattoo

black and grey half sleeve tattoo


Jewel Skull Tattoo Idea

jewel skull tattoo idea


Floral Jewel Hand Tattoo Design

floral jewel hand tattoo design


Jewel Full Sleeve Tattoo for Women

jewel full sleeve tattoo for women


Awesome Jewel Tattoo on Arm

awesome jewel tattoo on arm


People, who want to try this art, can start with the finger tattoo. Right from text, symbols, to single line tattoos, these artists enjoy inking array of motifs. Floral designs are passé. What’s trending is double imposed tattoos with intricate design details. Replication of landscape or photography is also what is in vogue in the world of tattooing.

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