An extra seat is a bonus for any space, especially in a passage or secluded corner with a window. Window seats can be cozy nooks where you can enjoy the view from outside or do the things you normally do in relative solitude. It’s important to have a comfortable mattress and some cushions. The best thing apart from the view is the added storage space you get beneath the seat. You may also see Living Room Window Designs

Dining Room Window Seat Design

dining room window seat design

Design by Insignia Homes

Family Room Window Seat Design

family room window seat design

Traditional Bedroom Window Seat Design

traditional bedroom window seat design

Design by Handcrafted Homes

Think about a smart home office with an elegant furniture and state-of-the-art gadgetry. A filing cabinet would seriously harm the looks of the room. Now, a filing cabinet under the window seat would a different thing altogether. Especially if the cabinet has an elegant exterior. It does not matter whether the window is in an alcove or more open.

Window Seat Curtains Idea

window seat curtains idea

Design by Helene Dabrowski Interiors

Kid’s Bedroom Window Seat Design

kids bedroom window seat design

Douglas Design Studio

Small Kitchen Window Seat Idea

small kitchen window seat idea

Rustic Window Seat Design

rustic window seat design

Window Seat Shelves Design

window seat shelves design

Colorful Window Seat Furniture Design

colorful window seat furniture design

Design by Fray Interiors

Master Bedroom Window Seat Design

master bedroom window seat design

Entry Room Window Seat Design

entry room window seat design

Home Office Window Seat Design

home office window seat design

Design by Butter Lutz Interiors

Simple Bathroom Window Seat Design

simple bathroom window seat design

Banks Design Associates

Traditional Window Seat Cabinets Design

traditional window seat cabinets design

Design by Warmington & North

Cool Bathroom Window Seat Design

cool bathroom window seat design

Photo by Twist Tours

Awesome Kid’s Playroom Window Seat

awesome kids playroom window seat

WPL Interior Design

A sofa placed below or against a window is also a window seat. It is likely to be a living room or a waiting room. The immediate vicinity can be furnished with bookcases, a table and suspended flower holders. If the window seat is your favourite haunt, then you would do well to decorate the surrounding area with storage boxes for your mobile and laptop accessories. If you love books, you could have a mini book or magazine shelf.

Black and White Window Seat Design

black and white window seat design

Beach View Window Seat Design

beach view window seat design

Photo by Ryan Lahiff

Living Room Window Seat Design

living room window seat design1

Design by Jessica Dauray Interiors

Beautiful Kid’s Bedroom Window Seat

beautiful kids bedroom window seat

Modern Window Seat Design

modern window seat design

You can fashion window seats out of places you may never have thought of. Be creative. If you have an existing cabinet with an open surface, voila! Just fit a mattress onto it. Get some cushions and your window seat is ready. Again, it does not matter where the wall cabinet is. It could be the kitchen cabinet for all you care, provided the kitchenware is all deposited inside the cabinet.

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