If you have a tween girl, chances are you are having difficulties dealing with her changing needs. She would be too old for toys but too young for mature stuff. In most cases, the first thing that tween girls want to change is their bedrooms. This means you have to come up with a nice tween girl bedroom idea. There are several bedroom decorating ideas that you can actually use if you want to renovate you girl’s own haven.

Tween Girl Small Bedroom Idea

tween girl small bedroom idea


This small girl’s bedroom is a nice example of the pretty room for a tween girl. The bed is big enough for an adult, but the accents are definitely girly. Pink is the dominant color emphasizing that the occupant is a girl. Not you young though for additional accessories like a side table, a chair, and a foot stool.

Tween Girl Bedroom Furniture

tween girl bedroom furniture


The stuffed animal in the bed is proof that the occupant still clings to her childhood. The four-poster bed is accented with checkered pink curtains, which adds aesthetic appeal to the setup. You can also see Green Kids Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary Tween Girls Bedroom

contemporary tween girls bedroom


This modern bedroom for a tween girl has all the accents that would make a young girl happy. The playful use of colors means that the childhood phase is gone and it is now time to make room for more teen stuff. The hot pink bean bag and chairs matched the colorful geometric rug to perfection.

Black and White Tween Girl Bedroom

black and white tween girl bedroom


Growing up may be difficult, but designing a room for a soon-to-be grown-up can be easy. If your girl like black and white, this is the tween girl bedroom design that you should get your ideas from. The black bed is dressed in black and white accents. The white cabinets provide contrast to the black curtains – the same goes for the black chandelier and the white rug.

Teenage Girl Bohemian Bedroom

teenage girl bohemian bedroom


This is no doubt a tween girl’s bedroom. Just look at the pink wall, the pink curtains, and the pink polka-dotted rug. The window seat adds relaxation option, and the whole appeal of the space is flashy and Bohemian.

Beach Style Tween Girl Bedroom

beach style tween girl bedroom

Design by Donna Murray Designs

The use of light blue paint for this bedroom gives a beachy ambiance. To add some glamorous contrast, black and white accents (wallpaper and beddings) are used.

Tween Girl Bedroom Lighting

tween girl bedroom lighting


The lighting fixture used for this tween bedroom allows for the light to naturally blend in with the white motif. The bed is accented with pink to emphasize that the owner of the room is a tween girl.

Tween Girl Gothic Bedroom

tween girl gothic bedroom


Girls are into gothic too. This room, for example, has some Gothic accents like the skull artwork. The Zebra print in the bedding proves that the occupant is no longer a little girl. The pink bed though emphasizes femininity.

Tween Girl Bedroom Storage Ideas

tween girl bedroom storage ideas


This bedroom has enough space to accommodate two beds, which makes it an ideal room if you have two tweens. The cabinet that provides storage is rustic in appeal and it provides a nice contrast to the rest of the room’s accents.

Transitional Tween Girl Bedroom

transitional tween girl bedroom


If your girl is still having a hard time getting rid of her childhood stuff, you can use some of them in the tween bedroom design that you are planning. This bedroom, for one, still has some stuffed animals as decorative pieces.

Pink Tween Girl Bedroom Interiors

pretty pink tween girl bedroom


Double Tween Girls Bedroom

double tween girls bedroom

Design by Sarah Barnard Design

Tween Girl Bedroom Wall Design

tween girl bedroom wall design

Design by Morris & Woodhouse Interiors llc

Teenage Girl Bedroom Rug Idea

teenage girl bedroom rug idea


Luxury Tween Girl Bedroom

luxury tween girl bedroom


Tween Girl Bedroom Design

tween girl bedroom designs


Purple Tween Girl Bedroom

purple tween girl bedroom


Spacious Tween Girl Bedroom

free space tween girl bedroom


There are several small bedroom ideas that you can use if you want to convert your child’s bedroom into a tween girl bedroom. The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to know which childhood stuff should go and which should stay. You will also need to choose new accents that would fit into your girl’s new world.

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