Designing an adorable room especially for a girl is quite easy. This is because such a design relies on the girl’s interests and aspirations. As you would expect, most girls are inspired and charmed by pretty and delectable elements such as princes, kitties, etc, along the favorite pastel pink colour.

Funky and Creative Bedroom with Wall Lamps

funky and creative bedroom design

Fiddlehead Design Group

Purple and White Bedroom with Bedside Lamps

lovely bedroom design idea

Girls Victorian Look Bedroom Idea

girls victorian look bedroom design

Woodson & Rummerfield’s

Hello kitty bedroom is one of the most adorable bedroom designs especially for the little girls. This design comes with lots of pink colour shades and hello kitty inspired elements and can be quite enthralling to little girls. The bedroom styles are great with amazing round canopy bed as the focal point of the room.

Black and White Cute Bedroom

black and white cute bedroom design

Pretty Pink Girls Bedroom Decor

pretty pink girls bedroom design idea

Photo by Rikki Snyder

Cool Blue Bedroom Furniture

cool blue bedroom design idea

Joe Carrick Design, Inc

Pink Color Bedroom for Babies

pink color bedroom design for babies

Joe Carrick Design, Inc

Bright White Adorable Bedroom Idea

bright white adorable bedroom design

French Flair Interior Design

Pink and Black Adorable Girls Bedroom

pink and black adorable girls bedroom

Designing Interiors, Inc

Beautiful Bedroom Design Idea

beautiful bedroom design idea

Adorable Cottage Style Bedroom Idea

adorable cottage style bedroom design

Photo by Daniel O’Connor

Spacious Bedroom with Rich Look

luxurious bedroom design idea

While pink is he basic colour scheme for a teen girl’s bedroom design, it’s a good idea to match the scheme with another shade that can add charm and softness to the room. The pastel pink and yellow combination can create a perfectly adorable bedroom design that can win the heart of any given girl.

Charming Pink Girls Bedroom with Study lamps

charming pink girls bedroom design

Artistic Designs For Living

Colorful Bedroom with Chandelier

colorful bedroom design for teenagers

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Adorable Green Bedroom with Bunk Beds

adorable green bedroom design with bunk beds

Attractive Bedroom with Checked Floor Pattern

attractive bedroom design idea

Awesome Bedroom with Colorful Pillows

awesome bedroom design with colorful pillows

Photo by Greg Riegler

Adorable Bedroom with Nature Look

adorable bedroom design with nature look

Maison Maison Interior Design

Peach Color Bedroom Design Feels as Cool

peach color bedroom design feels as cool

Artistic Designs for Living

Vintage Style Blue Bedroom Idea

vintage style blue bedroom design

Emerald Hill Interiors

Lavish Bedroom with Rich Furniture

lavish bedroom design with rich furniture

SoCal Contractor

An adorable bedroom design can’t be complete without impressive patterns and other bedroom accessories. Floral patterns are quite popular with girls’ rooms. Bedroom designs with bright, colourful beddings, pillows, etc, are quite common with these kinds of bedroom designs.

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