After a tiring long day, your bedroom is the place that offers you some solace and helps you relax. So, what you need is a cozy space that enhances your mood. Did you know that according to experts, the color on your bedroom walls actually impacts your mood? Thus, it is important that you pick the right color for your bedroom walls. If you want to follow the modern trend, you can mix and match shades to create the desired look. However, this should be done with care as a wrong choice can destroy the appeal of the entire room. If you need some bedroom wall paint designs, here are some ideas to help you out.

Rustic Blue Bedroom With Hand-Painted Wall

rustic blue bedroom with hand painted walls

Photo By: Photo Credit: Edward Addeo

In case you are thinking of giving your room a rustic yet cool look, it would be a good idea to choose a dark shade of blue. Cover the white walls of your bedroom with liberal brush strokes of blue. Instead of covering up the whole wall, paint only three fourth portion of it and let the white peep from the top. Accessorize the room using shades of white and blue to complement the wall paint.

Master Bedroom With Metallic Painted Wall

master bedroom with metallic faux painted walls

Give your bedroom a royal look by using metallic paints for your wall. Do up all the walls in a copper metallic shade and add in a combed texture to break even the monotony. Paint the lower borders in white to accentuate the sheen of the paint. Upholster the room in earthy shades and add some cheer with colorful curtains and throw cushions.

Master Bedroom With Painted Wall

master bedroom with hand painted walls

Photo By: Chris Collis

Bring in a touch of elegance by using stenciled art for your bedroom walls. Paint your bedroom in an earthy shade of brown and then design a floral pattern using stencils. Use metallic silver for drawing the flowers and the swirls. Use identical color tones for bed covers, pillow covers, and cushions and bring in a fabric sofa in a contrasting shade for the seating area.

Modern Bedroom With White Painted Brick Wall

modern bedroom with white painted brick walls

Tree Wall Paint Design in Kids Bedroom

tree wall paint design in kids bedroom

Photo By: Photo Credit: Edward Addeo

Cheer up your kids by drawing chic looking trees on their bedroom wall. Paint the wall in beige and then using stencils, design trees in dark brown color. Go for white bed and pillow covers and use dark brown covers for throw cushions.

Eclectic Teen Bedroom With Accent Wall Paint Design

eclectic teen bedroom with accent wall paint design

Give your teen’s bedroom a chic and fun look by going for a multicolored wall. Use vibrant shades of paint to cover up the whole wall in colorful waves. Balance this by painting the other walls a cheerful white. Use bright colored throw cushion covers and curtains and tone it down with a white bed cover and white chair.

Wallpaper Accent Wall Paint in Master Bedroom

wallpaper accent wall paint in master bedroom

Photo By: Caitlin Cronenberg

Neutral Eclectic Bedroom with Lilac Paint Wall Accents

neutral eclectic bedroom with lilac paint wall accents

Small Nature Wall Paint Inspired Bedroom

small nature wall paint inspired bedroom

Bring in nature into your small bedroom by painting woods on your wall. Use a white paint to create the perfect backdrop and then paint fall tree trunks across one wall. Leave the other walls bare. Add a white blind to your window. Use earthy shades of brown and green to give your room a cozy look.

Chevron Accent Wall Paint in Contemporary Bedroom

chevron accent wall paint in contemporary bedroom

Bold Coastal Guest Bedroom With Bird Painting on wall

bold coastal guest bedroom with bird painting on wall

Photo By: Chris Collis

Tween Bedroom With Bull’s Eye Focal Wall Paint Design

tween bedroom with bulls eye focal wall paint design

Awesome Master Bedroom With Painted Wall Decor

awesome master bedroom with hand painted wall design

Photo By: John R. Wood Properties

Boy’s Baseball Themed Bedroom Wall Paint Design

boys baseball themed bedroom wall paint design

Kid’s Bedroom With Poppy Wall Paint Art Idea

kids bedroom with poppy wall paint art design

Eclectic Bedroom With Cool Wall Paint Design

eclectic bedroom with cool wall paint design

Beach Style Bedroom with Pattern Wall Paint

beach style bedroom with pattern wall paint design

Modern Kids Bedroom with Funky Wall Paint

modern kids besroom with funky wall paint design

Contemporary Kids Room with Cool Blue Color

contemporary kids room with cool blue wall paint

Awesome Wall Paint Design in Traditional Bedroom

awesome wall paint design in traditional bedroom

Give your bedroom a vibrant look with this awesome wall paint design. Paint all the walls a light shade of blue. On the wall behind your bed, draw different flowers in various colors and shades. You can use stencils to get the perfect designs. Accessorize the room by using white furniture and blue upholstery.

Crazy Wall Paint Design in Bedroom

crazy wall paint design in bedroom

Contemporary Kids Room with Yellow Wall Strips Design

contemporary kids room with yellow wall strips design

Flower Wall Paint Design in Kids Room

flower wall paint design in kids room

Modern Wall Sky Paint Design in Kids Room

modren wall sky paint design in kids room

How you want to design your bedroom walls depends on your preferences. You can either paint them in solid colors or add in textures by using various painting accessories. You can even accentuate one wall and paint other walls in neutral shades. However, make sure to tone down dark colors with lighter shades to create a perfect balance. In case, you have any other bedroom wall paint design ideas, make sure to share these with us.  

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