Whether it’s for a toddler or a teen, a kid’s bedroom needs to be not only functional but entertaining as well. Quite often, an ideal kid’s bedroom is multi functional including dedicated zones for play, study and sleep but above all, it should be real fun.

Contemporary Kids Bedroom with Old Appeal

contemporary kids bedroom with old appeal


Beautiful Kids Bedroom with Bunk Beds

beautiful kids bedroom design with bunk beds

David Young Wolff

Kid’s White Bedroom with Geometric Carpet

blue and white bedroom design with geometric carpet

Linc Thelen Design

Designs with impressive hand-painted patterns or text can be good for a unique personalised touch of the modern kid’s bedroom. For a girl’s bedroom, floral patterns such as daisies would be quite captivating while appropriate artistic features on the walls of a boy’s bedroom could be quite entertaining.

Kids Bedroom with Green Wall Paint Design

kids bedroom with green wall paint design


Neutral Transitional Kids Bedroom Design

neutral transitional kids bedroom design

Eric Perry

Blue Color Bedroom Idea for Kids

blue color bedroom design for kids

Home By Design

Awesome Kids Bedroom Design

awesome kids bedroom design

Eric Perry

Lovely Bedroom with Window Seat

lovely childs bedroom design with window seat

Clean Design Partners

Trendy Kids Bedroom with Tree Wall Art

trendy kids bedroom design with tree wall art


Cool Kids Bedroom with Study Space

cool kids bedroom design1


Modern Kids Bedroom Design Idea

modern kids bedroom design

Dkor Interiors

Cute Kids Bedroom with Pink Furniture

cute pink color kids bedroom design


The gender-neutral green or cream themed bedroom can be good for your kid. However, as the kid grows up, a pink palette can be ideal for your girl child while the more masculine blue palette could be perfect for a boy. Designs with contrast of bold colours such as pink with neutral whites or greys can give the room a youthful and playful impression.

Awesome Kids Bedroom Design Idea

awesome kids bedroom design idea


Playful Kids Bedroom with Red Wall Paint

playful kids bedroom with red wall paint

McCaffrey Homes

Elegant Kids Bedroom Idea

elegant kids bedroom idea

My Bespoke Room

Pretty Girls Kid’s Bedroom Idea

stylish kids bedroom with pink furniture

Hollub Homes

Funny Look Kids Bedroom Design

kids bedroom design for fun and enjoyable

Southam Design

Kids Bedroom with Green Wall Art

kids bedroom with green wall art

Hannah Brown

Colorful Funky Kids Bedroom

funky colorful kids bedroom


Amazing Kid’s Bedroom Design Idea

amazing kids bedroom design idea

Milgard Windows and Doors

Bedroom designs with bright, colorful whimsical artistic features on the walls could be quite entertaining to your kid. Coupling such a design with ample playing space makes the room even more appealing to the kid. Mirrors add a whimsical touch to a especially where space is a limiting factor.

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