One of the best places to experiment with design ideas is a child’s bedroom.  Here, you can easily let your imagination run wild.  Use colors; different bight and bold colors.  The more colorful the room the more the kid will appreciate it. Theme is the key to designing the best children’s bedroom.  Think of a specific theme and you will never go wrong.

Kids Bedroom Lighting Idea

kids bedroom lighting idea


Kids Loft Bunk Bed Idea

kids loft bunk bed idea


Kids Bedroom Pendent Lights

kids bedroom pendent lights

Girls are into Hello Kitty and the colors pink and purple.  You can find Hello Kitty items and fill in the room with them bed, dresser, pillows, side table, mini couch, swing, curtains, blankets, and many more.  If your girl is not into Hello Kitty, just make sure there are a lot of pinks and purples in her bedroom.

Boys Bedroom Wall Shelves

boys bedroom wall shelves


Children Bedroom Wall Mural

children bedroom wall mural


Classy Girls Bedroom Idea

classy girls bedroom idea


Boys are into superheroes and anime.  You can use the Justice League as the theme.  Or you can focus on Superman or Batman.  You can even go Star Wars for the bigger boys and have Master Yoda or the Ewoks as the main characters. Very young boys would probably appreciate car beds, which are very trendy these days.

Kids Bedroom Upholstered Panels

kids bedroom upholstered panels


Creative Kids Bedroom Decor

creative kids bedroom decor


Children Bedroom Decor Idea

decorating children bedroom design

Contemporary Children Bedroom Design

contemporary children bedroom design

decorwoo design

Colorful Children Bedroom Design

colorful children bedroom design

In designing children’s bedroom, it is important to make sure that there is that one special place where they can keep their toys or collections. So, save one part of the wall for their display cabinet or shelve.

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