Narrow bedrooms have the tendency to make you feel like you are enclosed in a casket. Choosing the right decor with suitable lighting makes the room appear larger. Here are some creative ideas for turning your small, narrow space into a splendid room.  

Narrow Bedroom for Kids

narrow bedroom for kids


You can turn your attic space into a cool bedroom for kids. It’s best to keep the design minimalistic for this type of bedroom. These narrow bedroom houses have just a small bed and a cabinet to store clothes and other stuff. The blue color of the top pops out beautifully, creating a cheerful ambiance.

Long Narrow Bedroom Design

long narrow bedroom design

Black color has been used favorably in this room to add depth and to bring focus towards the furnishings. The use of paintings and artwork across the room helps in breaking up long walls and avoiding the corridor-like feeling. Adding a mirror also helps in making it appear spacious.

Narrow Bedroom Furniture

narrow bedroom furniture

McCroskey Interiors

When you are deciding to furnish a narrow bedroom, try not to overcrowd it with heavy pieces. Interior designer Martha Ostergar recommends scaling the furniture to match the size of the room. Instead of curvy furniture, opt for straight-lined pieces like this comfy sofa, paired with an armchair to save space. The rustic bed and center table blend in the room perfectly.

Narrow Bedroom Storage Ideas

narrow bed storage ideas

Artistic Designs For Living

Choosing a bed with drawers at the base is one of the best solutions for storage issues. The built-in open shelf is another space-saving solution, effectively utilized here. Another idea you can steal from this peppy little room is the use of wall sconces, instead of lamps.

Narrow Bedroom Wall Design

narrow bedroom wall design

LUX Design

Sticking to light colors is best when it comes to narrow bedrooms. It helps create a brighter and open feeling in compact spaces. A white bed matched with accessories in shades of the same color suit this room perfectly. The geometric print wallpaper in the background creates a focal point and also acts as a great distraction from the narrow wall size.

Narrow Bedroom Lighting Ideas

narrow bedroom lighting idea

Svetlana Filippova Art and Design

While lighting fixtures play an important role in enhancing the beauty of the room, it can get tricky for narrow spaced bedrooms. Lamps and nightstands take up valuable floor space, so it’s better to forgo traditional lights. Ceiling fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lights are great illuminating ideas. Cube wall sconce and mounted reading lights offer space-saving lighting solution to this bedroom.    

Narrow Bedroom Flooring Ideas

narrow bedroom flooring idea

Webber + Studio, Architects

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your bedroom creates a fresh look and also makes it appear wider. Hardwood flooring is a good choice for narrow bedrooms as it helps in adding texture. You can go with traditional oak flooring or the eco-friendly, contemporary bamboo floor. Dark wood floor paired with light shades of wall paint, make the room appear bigger.

Narrow Bedroom Decoration Ideas

narrow bedroom decoration design

Laura Stein Interiors

Creating a focal point in the room helps in distracting the eyes from the narrow size of the walls. You can use lively wallpaper, an interesting art piece or florid accessories to capture the eyes. A simple, yet elegant chandelier succeeds in drawing the eyes upward in this room. It is decorated in light shades to give an impression of a large space.

Small Rectangle Bedroom Ideas

small rectangle bedroom ideas

For decorating rectangular bedrooms, designer Dabney Frake suggests using vertical lines instead of horizontal ones, as they tend to highlight the small width of the room. Painting the walls white is the best way to brighten up the room, so you need to choose simple decor to create a balance.

Narrow Bedroom Chandelier

narrow bedroom chandelier

Artistic Designs For Living

Adding a grand chandelier is an ideal way of creating a focal point in small, narrow spaced rooms. The gleaming, crystal chandelier in this small bedroom softens the ambiance and makes the room feel cozy and inviting. The mirror reflects the light from the chandelier, illuminating the room subtly.

Simple Bedroom with Wood Floor

simple bedroom with wood floor1

Transitional Bedroom with Decorative Wall

transitional bedroom with decorative wall

Decorating Den Interiors

Blue and White Bedroom Design

blue and white bedroom design

Photo by Joel Antunes

Eclectic Bedroom with Metal Bed

eclectic bedroom with metal bed

Amy Krane Color

Awesome Narrow Bedroom Interior

awesome narrow bedroom interior

Astuces Design

Mediterranean Bedroom with Fireplace

mediterranean bedroom with fireplace

Small Bedroom Wall Paint Idea

small bedroom wall paint idea

Arbor Haus LLC

Spacious Bedroom with Bedside Lamps

spacious bedroom with bedside lamps

Elad Gonen

Amazing Childrens Bedroom Design

amazing childrens bedroom design

Geometric Pendant Light for Bedroom

geometric pendant light for bedroom

Ensoul Interior Architecture

Modern Bedroom with Glass Sliding Door

modern bedroom with glass sliding door

Platinum Building Group

Narrow spaces are no longer an issue when you know exactly how to decorate it. We hope you find these ideas useful in decorating your dream bedroom.


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