The design of a customized bedroom goes far beyond its functionalism. Looks matter a lot in your home, and people love to mould the features of their bedrooms according to their preferred lifestyle. With the right wall paints, floor design, lighting, furniture and ceiling, you can yield the perfect look in your bedroom. After a days’ work, when you recline on the bed with ease, you look out for the perfect ambience that boosts up your senses. Here are twenty beautiful bedroom design ideas for you. You may also See Transitional Bedroom Designs

Small Bedroom Design

Goo for a small bedroom if you want to cope up with limited space. Place the bed at one side of the horizontal wall, with a bookshelf near the head. Paint the walls and furniture white. Pendant lights on the ceiling and a small table lamp will set up your mood.

small bedroom design

Bedroom Interior Design

This bedroom has a white false ceiling, with tall cylindrical lights over the bed. The blue and white colour combination, too, goes well with the walls and bed accessories. Small floor cabinets add utility space to the room.

bedroom interior design1

Kids Bedroom Design

This room is ideal for the kids. Being vibrant, it has the desired visual pleasure. The double decker cot complements the other furniture with white frames. Various decorating elements have been used on the walls.

kids bedroom design

sergi designs

Modern Bedroom Design

If you look out for a sophisticated bedroom with a glass headboard, you can go for this design. It has a blue textured carpet around the bed, complementing its colour. White walls and large white curtains add to its looks.

modern bedroom design

Masculine Bedroom Design

In this room, the masculinity is marked by polished vinyl floors, thick, tall curtains and grey walls. An off-white carpet is placed around the bed. The elegance of the ceiling fan, too, makes the room beautiful.

masculine bedroom design

Teenage Bedroom Design

Teenage bedrooms are sleek and beautiful. In this bedroom, yellow and white colour combination for the bedding accessories and walls looks perfect. Polish the floor to obtain the right looks.

teenage bedroom design

Traditional Bedroom Design

If you desire to live up to the traditional taste, you can place a large bed in the center of the room. The bedroom has indirect lighting and bright walls. Place some framed pictures above the headboard. You may also See Traditional Bedroom

traditional bedroom design

Guest Bedroom Design

This is a combination of geometric bedding style of the modern days and vintage bedding elements. The turquoise and orange colour blend goes well with the furniture.

guest bedroom design

Country Bedroom Design

In this country bedroom design, elements of wood and brick have been rightly used. A wrought iron bed is placed in one side, while polished wooden furniture is used in the room. The tall curtains enhance the looks of the room.

country bedroom design

Beach Bedroom Design

In case you prefer a beach-style bedroom, opt for one with white walls and furniture. Large window panes with thick wooden bars in between makes it elegant. The bed is well-crafted in the vintage style.

beach bedroom design

Zen Bedroom Design

Here, the cream walls look bright and beautiful with the small pendant lights. A darker shade has been used for the curtain. The same colour blend has been used in the bed.

zen bedroom design

Teal Bedroom Design

The turquoise green wallpaper is the most attractive element in this room. The room has a symmetrical structure, with two table lamps by the side and a bed in the centre. The grey-white combination in the bed goes well in this room. You may also See L-Shaped Bedrooms

teal bedroom design

Bedroom decorating tips

  • Create a visual pleasure with a focal point on the bed
  • Place false plants with tapering branches on the table
  • Buy identical table lamps for the room
  • Hang sketches with dark frames on the walls
  • Optimize the space for smart storage. This will upgrade the looks of the room.

Lifestyles have been evolving all over the globe. When you lookout for a perfect bedroom, make sure that all the design elements are incorporated well. Personalize the bed room with compatible wall colours, preferred bedding accessories and cool lights. The bedroom is a place meant for rest, so try to make it an abode of peace and comfort.

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