Bedrooms are considered to be the nest of humans because it is where we sleep. Sometimes it is where we choose to eat and work because of the comfort and security it gives us. Most of the time, when people decorate their houses, they tend to prioritize and focus more attention on the bedroom design.

luxurious Mediterranean Master Bedroom

luxcirious mediterranean master bedroom

Elegant Dark Mediterranean Bedroom

elegant dark mediterranean bedroom

Grand Neutral Mediterranean Bedroom

grand neutral mediterranean bedroom

The bedroom designs usually depend on the tastes and even the lifestyles that the owners have. One of the bedroom designs that is most loved by many is the mediterranean bedroom design. It got its influence from European countries such as Spain, Greece, and France. Neutral and warm colors are used in this kind of design such as terracotta, ochre, peach and brick red.

Mediterranean Master Bedroom Design

mediterranean master bedroom design

Mediterranean Lighthouse Bedroom

mediterranean lighthouse bedroom


Cozy White Mediterranean Bedroom

cozy white mediterranean bedroom

Vibrant Colors Mediterranean Bedroom

vibrant colors mediterranean bedroom

Dramatic Mediterranean-style bedroom

dramatic mediterranean style bedroom
Mediterranean bedroom design is made mostly of stucco and wood. They are usually the main material in this design, and it usually has high ceiling with mostly exposed beams . Like some other bedroom designs, mediterranean bedroom design shows to be luxurious with a rustic and some traditional feel.

Light Colors Mediterranean Bedroom

light colours mediterranean bedroom

Mediterranean Classy Bedroom

mediterranean classy bedroom


luxurious Furnished Mediterranean Bedroom

luxurious furnished mediterranean bedroom

Amazing Triple Beds Mediterranean Bedroom

amazing triple beds mediterranean bedroom

Photo Credits: Bradford C. Smith Architect

Simple Mediterranean Bedroom

simple mediterranean bedroom

Romantic Mediterranean Bedroom

romantic mediterranean bedroom

Classy Mediterranean Master Bedroom

classy mediterranean master bedroom


Cozy Mediterranean Bedroom

cozy mediterranean bedroom

Spacious White Mediterranean Bedroom

spacious white mediterranean bedroom

Photo Credits : The Bushcamp Company

Decorated Mediterranean Bedroom

decorated mediterranean bedroom

Classic Mediterranean Bedroom Design

classic mediterranean bedroom design


Comfortable Mediterranean Bedroom

messy mediterranean bedroom

Contemporary Mediterranean Bedroom

contemporary mediterranean bedroom

Cavernous Mediterranean Bedroom

cavernous mediterranean bedroom

Beautiful Twin Mediterranean Bedroom

beautiful twin mediterranean bedrrom


Vintage Style Mediterranean Bedroom

vintage style mediterranean bedrrom

Amazing Mediterranean Bedroom

amazing mediterranean bedroom


Elegant Mediterranean Bedroom

elegant mediterranean bedroom
In some places, they put a fireplace in the bedroom to give it a dramatic touch and warm atmosphere. Some mediterranean bedrooms are designed with vintage furniture to create an elegant and classic look. Some mediterranean bedroom designs play with colors like olive green, red and etc to give it the atmosphere they want to give.

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