Do you relate your home décor idea more to the 12th century than the modern? Well, there are many who are striving to relive the Gothic years. It’s not just a style but a way of life, inspired by sophistication and mysticism. Gothic decors are usually of rich colors featuring deep purples, reds and are also highlighted by subdued ambient lighting. 

Gothic style furnishing, on the other hand, is dark themed, made from deep timbers. All of these, come together to create a dynamic environment.Here we look at some ideas for gothic styled bedrooms.

Contemporary Gothic Bedroom Idea

A perfect gothic interior, this dark themed bedroom is incredibly lit by a subdued chandelier. A huge bed in the middle and some abstract gothic painting making their presence felt over your heads, you would be easily transferred to the Victorian age.

Mediterranean Bedroom Design with Fireplace

A fireplace is always an exciting addition to any gothic themed bedroom. This example stands in stark contrast with the usual idea of gothic. Instead of being dark, the room is well lit but again in warm colors. Flower pots, vases, and dark wood cabinets come together to complete the theme.

Electric Style Gothic Bedroom Design Idea

Gothic can be interestingly balanced with a modern design and this might be among the best examples. The décor follows a rustic cum electric theme. Ceiling lighting delivers the subdued ambiance while the rustic furnishing creates an environment that will take you back in the past. Overall, the feel of the room is quite royal.

Traditional Bedroom with Chandeliers

Gothic has been a special form of traditional. Artistic bed and huge cabinetry in dark timber creates a gorgeously rustic look. In stark contrast are lighter walls and floor which are well lit and create a unique mood, fit for a bedroom.

Classic Vintage Bedroom Interior

This example is certainly a unique way to mold the gothic elements to create a livelier and lighter ambiance. As opposed to the dark brown and chocolate themed furnishing, we have a royal golden replacement for the bed, curtains, and another furnishing. The artfully designed carpet in royal blue also draws attention to the finer details of the décor.

Purple Color Bedroom Design

Purple is another important color for recreating the gothic. It is actually more popular than dark browns due to the hint of color and brightness. In perfect sync with the purple textiles lies the dark wood bed and desks, creating a rustic and romantic mood. Lit lightly in warm golden light, this makes a unique choice for gothic themed bedroom.

Gothic Style Furniture for Bedroom

This example is another royal ensemble of the gothic style and popular in royal households. Huge curtains and intricately decorated textiles form an important part of the ambiance. A huge dark wood bed and accompanying cabinets ensure that comfort meets a unique style statement. Other small but important elements of this design are the long hanging ceiling fan, a decorative wall mirror, bedside lamps, and a glass table.

Small Gothic Bedroom Design

The bed here becomes the focal part of the whole place. Amazingly designed with intricate décor this bed is truly of royal assemblage. The accompanying textiles and wall painting add to the mood.

Colorful Bedroom Interior Design Picture

An amazingly vibrant bedroom, this is reminiscent of the gothic style but also incorporates a lot of modern elements. Bright and colorful, this will automatically cheer up the mood and support a lavish lifestyle.

Victorian Bedroom with Wood Furniture

Apart from the intricate bed and wall framing, it is the lighting that makes this bedroom design unique and charming. The mood has been rightly created by using chandeliers and bedside lamps on either side of the room.

Classy Bedroom Design

Golden Bedroom Interior Design

Antique Bedroom Design

Rustic Bedroom Wooden Furniture

White Gothic Ecelectic Bedroom

Gothic Style Furniture Bedroom

Luxurious White Bedroom Design

Small Ecelectic Bedroom with Chandelier

Beautiful Pink Gothic Bedroom

Traditional Bedroom with Wall Lamps

Awesome Gothic Bedroom Design

Gothic is beautiful in every aspect. If you too have some unique ideas to recreate a gothic living environment, do share it with us in pictures.

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