Carpets can be an excellent addition to any room in order to make it a bit softer, warmer, and more comfortable. There are many different uses for rugs in the home, from decorations to floor coverings, and this has carefully researched and compiled some of the best carpet designs to help you find the best options for your home so that you can create a wholesome family home. If you are looking for a new carpet design for your home, we are confident that this list will offer you all of the ideas and inspiration that you need. You may also See Living Room Carpet Designs

Floral Carpet Designs

This simple floral carpet design is a geometric floral design with yellows, purples and blues in order to create this beautiful and simple carpet that is suitable for many different rooms and uses.

floral carpet designs

Modern Carpet Design

This carpet design is a simple grey and white geometric hexagon design that is ideal for a simple yet modern room design to create a full and completed room design.

modern carpet design

JD Ireland Interior Architecture + Design

Floor Carpet Design Ideas

This carpet design is a simple flooring design that covers the entire floor of a room in order to make the room feel cosy and provide a more comfortable floor for families with young children

floor carpet design ideas

Modern Craft Construction, LLC

Bedroom Carpet Designs

This bedroom carpet is an intricate bicoloured design that is perfect for a grey toned room. The design is a geometric circular design that puts the bed at the centre of the design.

bedroom carpet designs

Living Room Carpet Designs

This living room rug design is a simple cream coloured rectangular rug with the edges cut and designed in a lace design. This rug is a simple rug to fit every room, but also offers little design elements that are beautiful and clever.

living room carpet designs

Design InSite

Traditional Carpet Designs

This carpet design is a very traditional design that takes inspiration from typical Mediterranean styled carpets. This carpet design is perfect for a more old-fashioned room, as it adds a beautiful design element to the room.

traditional carpet designs


Wall Carpet Designs Ideas

This wall carpet is a beautiful natural scene woven into a carpet. This carpet design is a beautiful design element to use as a wall hanging to create an original and different design to your room or space.

wall carpet designs ideas

Sticks and Stones Design Group inc.

Hallway Carpet Ideas

This hallway carpet design is a simple striped design helps to tie together the tones and the colours of any style and colour combination of hallway to create a beautiful and homely feel to your home.

hallway carpet ideas

Robert kiejdan

Kids Carpet Designs

This kids carpet design is a cut out design of a cartoon castle in pink, which is perfect for a little girl’s bedroom or playroom to create a beautiful and girly finish to the room.

kids carpet designs

Stone Creek Builders

Minecraft Carpet Designs

This Minecraft carpet design is based on the popular video game, Minecraft, which is perfect for a little boy’s room, especially if they love the game. The design is the image of the playing character.

minecraft carpet designs

Tindall Architecture Workshop

Office Carpet Designs

This office carpet design is a beautifully simple carpet design created with brown and cream stripes with striking blue runners in the longer areas of the floor to create a stunning design.

office carpet designs

Hotel Carpet Designs

This hotel carpet design is a plain brown design of carpet with inserted designs in rectangles and circles to create a beautiful and intricate design in the corridors of the hotel hallways.

hotel carpet designs

Kurtz Homes Naples

Geometric Carpet Designs

This geometric carpet design is a simple cream carpet design in a diamond pattern This design is much more subtle than other carpet designs so it can be added to a minimalistic room whilst still offering a design addition to the room.

geometric carpet designs

Preston Lee Design

Basement Carpet Designs

This basement carpet design is a bright design with cream and brown stripes in square patterns. This design is a beautiful design that can create a fun and homely area for your basement to utilise the space.

basement carpet designs

Just Basements

Stair Carpet Designs

This stair carpet design is a neutral striped carpet design that makes a beautiful design for your stairs in order to give a warm, soft, and homely feel to your hallway and home.

stair carpet designs

Elizabeth Home Decor & Design, Inc.

Carpets can help to finish off a theme or design of a room, as well as making the room much more comfortable and adding a soft feel to the room. Carpets can also be a valuable design element for children’s rooms and living rooms to create a beautiful finish.

To find the perfect carpet, you should look for carpets that fit with the colour scheme or theme of the room. You should also find a carpet that is thick enough to be comfortable and warming, without being unmanageable if you have yound children or babies.

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