If you are fond of innovative housing ideas, you can simply convert a small and dark basement into a customized bar. Well, Basement Bar Ideas have been in the trend for quite some time now. These are featured by wood cabinets, drawers, a small sink, tiled backsplash and you favourite collection of glasses. If you have a spacious basement, you can enjoy the luxury of installing a couple of more tables. Here are ten ideas for home bar designs that you will find beneficial while designing your basement bar.

Small Basement Bar Idea

Install small wooden cabinets in the corners to make optimum use of the limited space in the basement bar. The small chairs along the tables should be polished and burnished to match the looks of the cabinets. Install wall lighting in the bar to get the desired illuminations in the basement.

Modern Small Basement Bar

small basement bar idea

Case Design/Remodeling Indy

White Small Basement Bar

white small basement bar

Jeneration Interiors

Rustic Basement Bar Design

The dark colour of weathered wood may be your choice, so get a rustic bar in the basement. The log ceiling and walls look splendid, and you can use hanging lights with shades over the cabinets and tables. Get a hardwood floor to match the rustic look of the bar.

rustic basement bar design

Wellborn + Wright

Large Rustic Basement Bar

large rustic basement bar

MB Designs, LLC

Modern Basement Bar Design

If you have a modern basement bar, get polished floors and a white countertop to live up to the trends. Light coloured wooden cupboards with a shiny finish makes the bar sophisticated and you can install tall steel chairs to add a touch of modernism here.

modern basement bar design

Joseph and Curtis Custom Wine Cellars

Corner Basement Bar Design

If you have a basement in the corner of a room, you can install an ‘L’ shaped table or island with a marble countertop on it. This setting goes well with polished floors and small pendant lights along the edges of the wall enhances the look of the room. You may also See Rustic Home Bar Designs

corner basement bar design

Nightingale Co.

Diy Basement Bar Idea

You can try out your own innovations when you design a DIY basement bar. If you have a bright wall colour, suspend a few lights from the top over the islands and tables. Deliver a modern touch to the bar with polished tables and shelves. Get glass decks along the walls to place the drinks bottles.

diy basement bar idea

Just Basements

Basement Wall Bar Design

The natural glow of wall lighting in a basement bar delivers a cultured look to it. You can incorporate an irregular surface on the walls, and the natural distortion of lights on this rugged surface adds to the beauty of the room.

basement wall bar design

Christian Rice Architects, Inc.

Contemporary Basement Bar Idea

In contemporary bars, the light and furniture are updated to the latest trends of decoration. A white marble countertop refines the look of the bar and small pendant lights on the ceiling complement the polished floors and furniture.

contemporary basement bar idea

Luxurious Living Studio Inc.

Basement Wet Bar Design Idea

In these bars, you can install well-burnished cabinets and shelves. The corner sink adds to the interior decoration in the room. Get a polished floor that finds utmost compatibility with the shiny furniture. Modern crockery and glassware in the shelves add to the beauty of the room.

basement wet bar design idea

Lindsay Construction, Inc.

Basement Kitchen Bar Idea

If you want a kitchen bar in the basement of your home, you can share the shelves with the bottles. Suspend the lights with sheds from the ceiling and place them over the countertop. You can also install tall chairs on the other side of the kitchen islands for a compact sitting arrangement.

basement kitchen bar idea

House Plans and More

Stone Basement Bar Idea

Stones come inherent with a touch of natural beauty and when you incorporate stone basement ideas into your home, you get the best blends of elegance and functionalism. For a change, you can opt for a rugged stone table or countertop in the basement bar. Bright pendant lights can be used to focus on the natural distortion of light on the stone surface.

stone basement bar idea

Weaver Custom Homes

Tips for decorating a basement bar

  • Fix and optimized bottle opener in the wall, which becomes a part of the architectural décor in the bar. This will help you to flee from the hassles of carrying the portable openers.

  • When you consider the intricate decoration of the room, you can install subway tiles for the purpose.

  • A mix of brown furniture and white walls makes the bar elegant in look.

  • The customized pull-out drawers in the cabinets can facilitate storage of essential goods, making these easily accessible at the same time.

When you design a basement bar, make sure that the walls and floors complement each other. If you have more proportion of wood in the form of logs and ceiling structure, incorporate matching furniture. You may have innovative design ideas for a living room bar, basement bar or outdoor bar, so feel free to share your ideas with us.

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