Planning a home renovation? Well, there could be several changes that can make this opportunity more rewarding. Among them are drop ceiling installations. Apart from enhanced structural integrity, drop ceiling is an interesting and easy way to add a unique warmth and flair to your room. Further, they are available in a wide variety of styles, textures and colors. Consequently, the ceiling too can play an important role in adding personality to your home. Here are some examples that should give you a better idea.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

suspended ceiling tiles

Design by : Design First Builders

Suspended ceiling, as shown perfectly in this example, could be a great way o add personality to your modern décor. The layout of this ceiling comes in an interesting inclines, as opposed to the traditionally flat roofs. Further, you can choose from a variety of ceiling textures, depending on the theme of the décor.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

acoustic ceiling tiles

A ceiling can be more than a roof above your head especially if you are living in a multistoried house. High quality drop ceiling come with noise absorption features, making the immediate rooms above and below more peaceful. If you have a kid in the house who loves to rehearse on his drum kit all day, this would give you a greater degree of peace!

Tin Ceiling Tiles Design

tin ceiling tiles design

A tin for a ceiling surface might seem to be a coarse way to constructing home but not anymore after you look at this home. Here, the tin surface for the ceiling actually makes the highlight of the room and adds a striking personality to the space. The reflective surface here also helps in better lighting.

Metal Ceiling Tiles Idea

metal ceiling tiles idea

Design by : Carole Carr Design

As above, ceilings can also get unique metallic textures. If you are looking to create a really royal ambiance, this should be the perfect choice. However, this is not quite recommended if you are living in a hot climate.

Drop Ceiling Panels Idea

drop ceiling panels idea

Drop ceiling allow you to get interesting textures above your head. As shown in this example, the ceiling offers a panel like construction and can be a good addition to the décor theme. However, it is necessary that you compliment such ceiling with strategic lighting.

Wood Ceiling Panel Design

wood ceiling panel design

Wooden ceiling are always a great idea for a modern home. However, if you already have a concrete structure, a wooden drop ceiling can be delicately added as an alternative. A perfect option for living room design, drop ceiling in wood panel is worth your lifestyle!

Basement Ceiling Tiles

basement ceiling tiles

Basements have always been the most mismanaged spaces in homes across the world. However, you can turn this into a highly interesting and functional space by opting for strategic renovation. Drop ceiling tiles are among the many options you have.

Black Drop Ceiling Tiles

black drop ceiling tiles

If you have a warmer themed room, black drop ceiling tiles can really add to the personality of the space. As this example suggests, this would be a perfect décor idea for a poker room or a bar room or even bathroom ceiling tiles.

Drop Down Ceiling Tiles

drop down ceiling tiles

Drop ceiling tiles and paneling can achieve an interesting texture, as shown beautifully in this example, if you have a large living room, this paneled idea can be a great idea for renovation.

Modern Ceiling Tiles Design

modern ceiling tiles design

Design by : W Dylan Gilliam

As already suggested, drop ceiling can get a variety of textures, colors and patterns, including fiberglass ceiling tiles. Using lights and the perfect décor items, you can ensure that your ceiling space is not just a vacant area above your head but helps add to the mood of the room.

Eclectic Ceiling Tiles Design

eclectic ceiling tiles design

Traditional Wood Ceiling Tiles

traditional wood ceiling tiles

Curve Ceiling Tile Design

curve ceiling tile design

Trendy Drop Ceiling Tiles

trendy drop ceiling tiles

Victorian Drop Ceiling Tiles

victorian drop ceiling tiles

White Drop Ceiling Tiles

white drop ceiling tiles

Floral Ceiling Tiles Design

floral ceiling tiles design

We hope that you take back some of these ideas to implement in your home. If you do, we would be glad to see how it looks like!

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