Sometimes, people face space constraints in their homes and transform their garages into gyms. This is actually a judicial use of space. When you try to incorporate the garage gym ideas, you need to focus on the related aspects like garage wall colour, garage flooring tiles and the other accessories present in the room. With the right equipment in the right position, you can create a stylish looking garage gym. Here, you will find ten classy garage gym themes.

Small Garage Gym Idea

small garage gym ideas

Design by Brett Webber Architects, PC

When you have a limited space in the garage gym, you need to go for the  minimum number of accessories. The gym is elongated in shape with a roll-up door. The ceiling has the support of wooden beams and the white interior with glass windows on one side makes it look classy.

Contemporary Garage Gym Design

contemporary garage gym design

This is a specimen of one of the best home gym colors that you can incorporate in your garage gym. It has a wide horizontal space and there are cream walls in the room. Place the gym accessories on the floor and the polished wooden cabinet for storage in the background looks charming.

Beach Style Garage Gym

beach style garage gym

In many homes, the basement is chosen as the ideal space for garage, and you can install the required instruments there to convert it into an effective gym area. The rubberised floor and the brushed concrete walls go well with this room.

Traditional Garage Gym

traditional garage gym

Design by Platinum Series by Mark Molthan

When you try to boost up the looks of your garage gym, you can use black brick wallpapers in the room. This goes well with the exposed ceiling in the room. You can place the instruments in the rubberised floor and the spacious area is enough to accommodate all necessary gym equipment.

Garage Gym Storage Idea

garage gym storage idea

Homes with large garages can use the space judiciously for storage purposes. It is a trendy room with cream walls and ceramic floor. There are wooden built-in cabinets along the wall to accommodate related accessories. Install small pendant lights on the ceiling and get a large glass door to complement the looks of the room.

Eclectic Garage Gym

eclectic garage gym

Design by Cathy Zaeske

When you convert your basement garage into a gym, you need to get the wall color combination right. Here, the blue and green walls with large mirrors serve the purpose. The gray floor looks matching with the mirror frames in the room. It is a spacious area to store the necessary equipment.

Mid Century Garage Gym

midcentury garage gym

A mid-century garage gym looks elegant when you have glass doors and wood accent walls. The gym has rubberised floors with a brown wooden wall on one side. On the other side, you can incorporate a mirrored wall and the entire setting looks complete, with a perfect colour combination of white walls and black accessories.

Transitional Garage Gym Design

transitional garage gym design

At times, you look forward to getting a modern look in your gym. Go for a spacious garage gym room where you can use the space to accommodate all the necessary equipment. The room has a rubberised floor and pendant lights on the ceiling go well with the room. The cream walls look complementary to the floor.

Rustic Garage Gym Idea

rustic garage gym idea


If you are looking out for a rustic look for your garage-turned-gym, you can simply give a new facelift to an outdoor garage space. The metal and wood combination for the walls and beams look classy. You need to accommodate all the instruments in a limited space, so plan the settings properly and place them along the sides.

Farmhouse Garage Gym

farmhouse garage gym


In this particular gym, you will come across a spacious interior with a rubber floor. The gray and white color for the floor and walls look matching and you can arrange for a lot of storage facilities in the room. Place the racks along the sides and the equipment on the floor to make the economic use of space.

Modern Garage Gym Idea

modern garage gym idea

Garage Gym Exercise Area

garage gym exercise area

Gray Garage Gym Design

gray garage gym design

Victorian Garage Gym Design

victorian garage gym design

Lavish Garage Gym Idea

lavish garage gym idea

Asian Garage Gym Idea

asian garage gym ideas

When you try to incorporate personalized garage gym ideas, you can use the available space judicially to make room for all storage facilities. When you customize the floor texture and wall color according to the needs, you get the desired attire for the garage gym. Apart from these ideas, you may have something different in mind, and you can share them with us if you please.

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