Every house needs the appropriate flooring. From a variety of flooring designs, the options are endless since a homeowner can choose any design he or she wants. However there are materials that have certain qualities that others lack. Wood is one of the natural materials that incorporate warmth into a space adding style. Today’s post is all about the different styles of wood floor designs that are available and can consider for your own home.

Laminate Wood Flooring Designs

Laminate flooring will give you an excellent design with less cost from natural wood. Laminate can give an exact imitation of wood bringing the desired style in your space while the maintenance is easier and quicker that wood planks require. You may also see Hardwood Flooring Designs

Laminate Wood Flooring for Living Room

laminate wood flooring for living room


Parquet Wood Flooring Designs

Parquet flooring comes in various designs like herringbone, monticello and basket weave. This will add a visual interest bringing a decorative feature in every space you choose to install it. This flooring requires specific maintenance procedures for a lifelong use.

Herringbone Parquet Wood Flooring

herringbone parquet wood flooring


Wood Deck Floor Designs

If you are planning on renovating your deck then you should consider installing wood flooring. The variety of wood types along with the multitude of colors you can choose will give you excellent ideas for a fashionably creative deck design. You may also see Wood Floor Pattern Designs

Rustic Wood Deck Floor

rustic wood deck floor


Modern Wood Flooring Designs

In most cases, the room’s style can determine the type of wood flooring you can install. Following a certain color scheme with the windows or with a fireplace design you can choose the design to follow in a modern style.

Modern Wood Floor for Dining Room

modern wood floor for dining room


Wood Flooring Ideas for Living Room

The living room is used for both formal and informal occasions so you need flooring that can rise to all. Choose a polished flooring design with wide or narrow planks that will make the space look interesting with an elegant vibe.

Hardwood Flooring for Living Room

hardwood flooring for living room


Basement Wood Flooring Designs

Give a complete makeover in your basement with the right wood flooring. You can choose any design that catches your eye ranging from rosewood to bright oak with a polished or sleek surface that will work as a focal point. You may also see Basement Flooring Ideas

Contemporary Basement Wood Flooring

contemporary basement wood flooring1


Bedroom Wood Flooring Ideas

For a new building, you can choose any wood flooring design you like. During renovations though, you have to consider the bedroom’s furniture in order to achieve an even design that will look elegant and stylish with a personal touch.

Bedroom Dark Wood Flooring

bedroom dark wood flooring


Kitchen Wood Flooring Designs

Whether it’s on a separate room or in an open plan space, wood can add character and warmth in a kitchen. The style and color can follow the kitchen’s furniture while you should decide on an easy to clean design. You may also see Kitchen Floor Designs

Traditional Kitchen Wood Flooring

traditional kitchen wood flooring


Wood Flooring Ideas for Dining Room

The dining room has to look exceptional at every occasion. You can go for a luxurious design with decorative features that will add an artistic vibe to the room. Similarly, you can go for a sleek surface with a polished look.

Simple Wood Flooring for Dining Room

simple wood flooring for dining room


Outdoor Wood Flooring Ideas

From your patio to your deck, outdoor wood flooring options have a stylish vibe that will instantly transform your space. You can go for classic wood planks or for an alternative in wood tiles with interesting designs for extra style.

Outdoor Balcony Wood Flooring

outdoor balcony wood flooring


Rustic Wood Flooring Designs

Reclaimed wood has a worn out quality with scratches, spots, and cracks that can bring a character in a room. Likewise, visible grains can add a strong rustic vibe that’s suitable for rustic spaces bringing a raw and rough visual interest. You may also see Rustic Wood Flooring Designs

Rustic Wood Flooring for Kitchen

rustic wood flooring for kitchen


Contemporary Wood Flooring Ideas

In case your space is styled after the contemporary design then you should check out wood flooring designs that combine minimalism and decorative elements in mesmerizing designs. Make your space look glamorous with a polished design or a brushed one.

Gym Wood Flooring

Whether it’s for your home gym or your business, wood flooring will make your space look warm with a softer surface that can endure under heavy gym equipment. You can go for a dark or bright color choice to taste.

Home Gym Wood Flooring

home gym wood flooring


Wood Block Flooring Designs

Wood blocks come in various designs and shapes. From rectangle to a polygon you can find incredible designs to choose for your space. The installation can be done in a variety of patterns that will give you many different options.

Contemporary Wood Block Flooring

contemporary wood block flooring

MusaDesign Interior Design

Wood flooring has a certain level of style that other materials can’t reach easily. It can make a space look inviting and warm while the visible grains can be a great feature for many styles like the retro or rustic ones. The different look along with the rich variety of colors will give you multiple choices that will make choosing and easy one. Make sure that it will match the furniture in renovations.

Even in tile flooring, you can find incredible imitations of wood designs that can give you a realistic design for wood planks. They are a more affordable choice than the real wood while many other materials can give you the same design with low cost but a different quality level.

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