In case you love the look of the wood but you don’t want to invest time into maintaining it, then you should consider laminate flooring. As a synthetic product, the laminate can complement both wood and stone designs with great precision. This floor design looks amazing and has a minimum installation time making it ideal for every space. Following this, we have gathered a guide of laminate flooring designs to show you the variety of options.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring can perfectly imitate wood. You can find it in a variety of designs and colours that can add a homely look in every space. They are suitable for apartment remodels and can also be used in outdoor spaces like the patio. You may also see Wood Flooring Designs

Living Room Laminate Wood Flooring

living room laminate wood flooring

Stone Laminate Flooring

You like stone but you don’t like to spend money and time on managing it? if yes, then check out stone laminate flooring options. They closely mimic the appearance of stone with the natural grittiness and texture. The lamination provides the same warmth and also makes the indoors and outdoors look equally inviting.

Rustic Stone Laminate Flooring

rustic stone lamintae flooring

Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Wood, tiles or slate too can be imitated with laminate flooring. It’s a great solution for kitchens while they offer easy cleaning and maintenance. They can be installed fast and they don’t require any special knowledge. You can choose the type of laminate according to the style of the kitchen for matching results. You may also see Colourful Floor Designs

Open Kitchen Laminate Flooring

open kitchen laminate flooring

Bathroom Laminate Flooring

Lamination is easier to install and remove. This makes it perfect for bathrooms since they are durable against humidity and water. Also, it can complete the design of your bathroom giving you a multitude of options like tiles and wood to choose from. You may also see Bathroom Laminate Flooring Designs

Bathroom Marble Laminate Flooring

bathroom marble laminate flooring

Black and White Laminate Flooring

Black and white flooring designs have a great appeal for many homeowners around the world. This design is unique and can be used in order to add a touch of eccentricity. You can find them in many different designs and combinations, making each design unique and special for a particular style of interiors.

Black and White Checked Laminate Flooring

black and white checked lamintae flooring

Modern Laminate Flooring

Classic hardwood might look great however the synthetic laminate has a modern elegance that is affordable for everyone. You can choose the design of your choice and install it on your own. Decide among a variety of finishes that range from sleek and glossy to frosty and brushed for effect.

Modern Living Room Laminate Flooring

modern living room laminate flooring


Living Room Laminate Flooring

If you want your living room to look cosy and elegant with a glossy or matte finish, you can easily achieve both with the right laminate flooring. You can choose the design that complements the room’s colour scheme or just go with a neutral tone that will match with all furniture pieces.

Contemporary Living Room Laminate Flooring

contemporary living room laminate flooring

Luxury Laminate Flooring

Personalise your space with a beautiful floor design that will add a touch of luxury in every moment. Make your space worth living in with a high-quality laminate design. They are suitable for every room and are available in many finish choices that range from satin to distressed.

Luxury Wooden Laminate Flooring

luxury wooden laminate flooring

Basement Laminate Flooring

Transform your basement into a fully functional space that reflects character and style with laminate flooring design ideas. You can choose the affordable design in a wooden or stone appearance which offers the exact same finish. You can also hoose from a huge variety of colours and designs.

Modern Basement Laminate Flooring

modern basement laminate flooring

Outdoor Laminate Flooring

Outdoor laminate flooring is manufactured in a way that makes it resistant to water and moths. This makes it the perfect solution for decks and patios as well as your pool area. You can choose among a variety of colours and designs with low costs.

Outdoor Patio Laminate Flooring

outdoor patio laminate flooring

Bedroom Laminate Flooring

Your bedroom has to look charming and serene. You can get both with a high-quality laminate flooring design. The easy click installation makes it ideal for quick remodels that will upgrade all the bedrooms in the house. You can choose the colour based on the furniture you already have.

Contemporary Bedroom Laminate Flooring

contemporary bedroom laminate flooring

Industrial Laminate Flooring

For an industrial look, you can play with the grey pallet of laminate flooring. You can choose among wood, stone or tile imitations that will offer you a neat look with various finishes that can be incorporated in the rooms as well as the outdoors of your home.

Best Industrial Laminate Flooring

best industrial laminate flooring

Cottage Laminate Flooring

From stained hardwood planks to worn barn wood designs you can find many laminate designs to choose from. You can easily and affordably design your house in cottage style with cottage laminate flooring that will give you a pleasant and warm appearance for all the rooms, indoors or outdoors.

Traditional Cottage Laminate Flooring

traditonal cottage laminate flooring

Rustic Laminate Flooring

Now, you can find affordable solutions of flooring with visible grains, heavily distressed designs and stains with the help of laminate. The exact imitation of wood is going to give your home a raw, organic and rustic touch to your house. The lamination is available in a great range of colours.

Rustic Farmhouse Laminate Flooring

rustic farmhouse laminate flooring

The variety of designs is huge and that makes laminate flooring a very smart choice. You can count on laminate because it’s affordable and has minimum maintenance as compared to hardwood floor design. Also, you can find incredible designs that have antimicrobial properties that are suitable for houses with kids.

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