Looking for stylish interior flooring ideas? People have been using a mix of traditional and contemporary materials to create a unique setting in their homes. From wood to tiles, your options are endless. However, you should first understand the exact look you are trying to attain and the several aspects of maintenance and functionality provided by each. Let’s look at some amazing interior flooring done by homemakers across the globe. All of them are unique and worth a try.

Concrete Floor Idea

concrete floor idea


Among the simplest and cheapest material for flooring is concrete. It is the same material that makes your walls and the ceiling. As shown in this example, concrete flooring can be beautifully inlaid with shiny polish to create a unique look.

Polished Concrete

polished concrete


A well-polished concrete can look better than tiling. As in this photograph, the homeowner has successfully used concrete to achieve an expensive and posh look in the flooring. The only drawback is maintenance. Concrete is prone to damage from cracks and dampness. However, if you have a quiet household, this can be a unique option. You can also see Garage Flooring Tiles Designs

Cement Floor Idea

cement floor idea

Design by : Feinmann, Inc.

Cement today, come in several textures and colors. As a result, homeowners have been able to use it to create a smooth polish on their walls and flooring. In this example, the flooring has been done using a mix of white and black cement to achieve a unique texture and abstract pattern on the floor. You can also see Italian Flooring Designs

Interior Concrete Floor Idea

interior concrete floor idea


As already said, concrete could be a viable material for flooring, given that your home is regularly cleaned and is crowd-free. This particular flooring is perfect for farmhouses and vacation home, that don’t get a lot of traffic.

Stained Concrete Floor Design

stained concrete floor design


Stained concrete is an amazing way to create unique indoor flooring. As shown in this example, the stained concrete adds to the warm look of the space, perfectly matching the wooden furnishing. This option is perfect for flooring a living room or a bar.

Colored Concrete Floor Design

colored concrete floor design


The best thing about concrete is the flexibility of adding any color of your choice. You can come up with amazing and unique flooring texture using a mix of colors. Here, the homeowner has used a solid yellow to create a bright setting for his/her kid’s room.

White Wood Flooring Idea

white wood flooring idea


Another incredible and unique material for flooring is wood. It looks rich, luxurious and exquisite. However, you can also experiment with the color of wood flooring to achieve a unique setting. Using white color, it’s an ambiance that not many hope to achieve. However, if you are trying to create a minimalistic yet luxurious space, this would be an idea worth trying. The white walls here perfectly compliment the white wood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Design

hardwood flooring design


Hardwood is yet another impressive material for flooring standards. However, it is also expensive and should be complimented with protective coats and dyes.

Vinyl Flooring Design

vinyl flooring design


Vinyl flooring is yet another impressive option to experiment with. They create a smooth and shiny floor space but you will need to worry about the low scratch and shock resistant property of the material. In this example, the homeowner has been able to successfully integrate a unique pattern to the flooring using different dyes of similar tones.

Laminate Flooring Idea

laminate flooring idea


One of the most common flooring materials seems to be laminated wood. They offer several advantages including a rich appeal, an easy to maintain surface, a longer lifetime and a safe environment if you have kids and pets around.
Liked our ideas? If you have done something different with your indoor flooring, do share it with us.

Pattern Flooring Design

pattern flooring design


Unique Round Floral Pattern

unique round floral pattern


Waterjet Floor

waterjet floor

Design by : Arleta Chang

Black and White Interior Flooring

black and white interior flooring


Black Marble Texture Flooring Design

black marble texture flooring design


Marquetry Floor

marquetry floor


Wood Pattern Flooring Design

wood pattern flooring design


Traditional Flooring Idea

traditional flooring idea


Modern Flooring Interior Idea

modern flooring interior idea


Geometric Flooring Pattern

geometric flooring pattern


Stone & Wooden Parquet Flooring

parquet with stone inserts floor


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