Floor lighting in the primitive times represented love for art and architecture. The craftsmanship used to create one single piece took days to complete. The work done and carvings created took inspiration from varied cultures and civilization. For instance Turkish and Arabic carvings are different than the Portuguese.

Contemporary Hall with Floor Lights

contemporary hall with floor lights


Contemporary Staircase Lighting On Floor

contemporary staircase lighting on floor


Mediterranean Entry with Smooth Floor and Lighting

mediterranean entry with smooth floor and lighting


Gradually the concept changed and the consumer has shifted to better utility options. Candle holders to bulbs, innovations have been commendable. Floor lights in the current times can be seen in various forms. These are available in straight, to be able to move, bendable and many other various ways.

Modern Landscape Floor Corner Lighting

modern landscape floor corner lighting

R DESIGN Landscape Architecture P.C.

Modern Living Room With Simple Floor Lighting

modern living room with simple floor lighting


Contemporary Bathroom Tiny Lights Around The Bathtub

contemporary bathroom tiny lights around the bathtub


Modern Kitchen with Floor Lighting Design

modern kitchen with floor lighting design


Contemporary kitchen Lights With Cabinets

contemporary kitchen lights with cabinets


Different have different uses. Toio lamps are the kinds that look theatrical and add drama to your room. A glow ball to highlight your treasure of books seems interesting. Paper, cloth to brighter colors, much of experiment can be done.

Contemporary Outdoor Floor Lighting Design

contemporary outdoor floor lighting design


Rustic Hall With Wooden Floor with Lighting

rustic hall with wooden floor with lighting


Modern Family Room with Floor Lighting in Corner

modern family room with floor lighting in corner


Contemporary Bathroom with Designed Wood Floor and Lights

contemporary bathroom with designed wood floor and lights


Contemporary Basement with Floor Lights Design

contemporary basement with floor lights design


Elegant Bathroom With Small Designed Floor Lights

elegant bathroom with small designed floor lights


Contemporary Entry With Floor Lights

contemporary entry with floor lights


Beautiful Entry With Floor Lighting

beautiful entry with floor lighting

Yaniv Schwartz – Photographer

Luxury Bathroom with Decent Floor Lights

luxury bathroom with decent floor lights


Contemporary Living Room Simple Light Glow on Floor

contemporary living room simple light glow on floor


Tropical Hall With Parallel Lights On Floor

tropical hall with parllel lights on floor


Single Floor Light in Modern Hall

single floor light in modern hall


Narrow Hall with Normal Floor Lights

narrow hall with normal floor lights


Being a lover of art, you may go in for something like replicas of Mona Lisa or the last supper. There is also an option of having replicas of what Leonardo Da Vinci created of human anatomy. World maps and drum shaped lamps are a different option. Superarchimoon, Scandinavian inspired lamps look good too. Look around, options are many.

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