Have you been searching for an inexpensive and easy way to beef up your outdoor space? Lighting has been used over the ages to highlight outdoor arrangements and illuminate a distinctive mood. From kerosene lamps to simmering LEDs, there is a range of options that will blow your mind! Put up at strategic points, unique lighting arrangements help achieve both look and functionality.

Outside Pendant Lighting Idea

outside pendant lighting idea


In this example, the homeowner had been able to achieve a unique setting using outdoor lighting fixtures. The long hanging lights create a warm ambiance, well complimented by a fireplace. The wooden stack also adds to the earthly charm of the outdoor arrangement.

LED Outdoor Lighting

led outdoor lighting

Design by : CJ's Hearth & Home

LEDs have evolved in the past couple of years to create ambiances that can be compared to the rustic charm of incandescent bulbs of yesteryears. In this example, we see how LEDs have been used to create a charming center stage for private parties and romantic evenings. The warm lighting is well complimented by the covered fireplace.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

outdoor landscape lighting

Design by NightOrbs Lighting Store

This example shows really unique lighting using glowing balls scattered across the garden. While it adds to the functionality, the lights also create a unique landscaping. During the day, these light balls look like charming sculptors but at night they completely transform the landscape. You can also see Floor Lighting Designs

Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures

outdoor wall light fixtures

Design by : McKay Landscape Lighting

Simplistic yet sophisticated, these embedded wall lights create a transformational ambiance while meeting the requirements of illumination. Not too hard and neither too soft, they add to the architectural décor of the outdoors.

Outdoor Patio Lights

outdoor patio lights

Design by : FormLA Landscaping

Created using unique lighting fixtures, they adequately light up the seating and also look aesthetically pleasing.

Backyard Lights Idea

backyard lights idea


A lot can be done using LED garden lamps. In this case, a led string has been used to create a decorative setting and creates a balanced charm between the indoor and outdoor ambiance. The fireplace also adds to creating a unique seating arrangement. The patio itself has been created using big blocks of marbles and are interconnected by grassy patches. You can also see Bedroom Lighting Designs

Porch Recessed Lighting

porch recessed lighting


Recessed lighting created by ceiling indentations perfectly illuminates this earthly setting and strikes a balance between the indoor and outdoor. There’s a balanced transition that would help you move in and out of your home while experiencing a dynamic ambiance.

Deck Decorative Lights

deck decorative lights


If you have an outdoor space that is well covered on all sides by green foliage, you could use it to your advantage to create a unique ambiance. The LED can be placed inside to illuminate the seating and create a romantic mood. This is the perfect place to enjoy a lazy geek end with your friends or a private date with your loved one.

Outside Lantern Lights

outside lantern lights


Lanterns and chandeliers have always been a decorative for the indoors, but this is a perfect example where they can also be used in the outdoors. Lanterns have been able to create a warm ambiance that meets the purpose of illumination and also looks good to the eye.

Outdoor Chandelier Design

outdoor chandelier design


Where there is a will, here is always a way. In this case, we see how they have used a rustic iron chain to bring in a romantic chandelier into the outdoor seating arrangement. You can also do with an outdoor fireplace to add to the warmth. A wooden table and chair in this setting would be the perfect way to have a romantic dinner under the moon and with candles!

Simple Garden Lighting Idea

simple garden lighting idea

Simpatico Interior Design

Modern Ball Lighting Idea

modern ball lighting idea

DeakinLock Garden Design

Traditional Lawn Lighting Idea

traditional lawn lighting idea

Design by Casa Smith Designs

Led Ribbon Pool Lighting

led ribbon pool lighting

Design by : Clemente Design Studio, LLC

Vintage String Lighting Idea

vintage string lighting idea

Design by Liquidscapes

Front Yard Lighting

front yard lighting

Design by : Pedersen Associates

Copper Light Fixtures for Outdoor

copper light fixtures for outdoor


Colorful Outdoor Deck Lighting

colorful outdoor deck lighting

Design by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Lantern Light Fixtures for Pool

lantern light fixtures for pool

Vanguard Studio Inc

Simple Exterior Wall Light Fixtures

simple exterior wall light fixtures

Design by Period Architecture, Ltd

Pretty Outdoor Chandelier Light

pretty outdoor chandelier light

Design by Cool Gardens Landscaping Ltd

Hope you have liked our compilation of outdoor lighting ideas. If you have something unique going on in your backyard/porch, do share it with us in pictures.

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