Renovating your house and looking for ideas to create a unique porch space? Unlike most houses which sport a regular small porch area, with room for just a couple of chairs. You can think of something bigger and better. Adding a roof to your front porch is among the most unique way to extend the space and also give a new look to your outdoors. If you are game, here are some ideas that you might want to look through.

Front Porch Concrete Roof

front porch concrete roof

This is especially relevant if you are constructing a new house and are still in the planning phase. Do focus on the porch design and you might want to add an extended concrete roof. This will not only give you a permanent space for leisure but also add to the look and value of the property.

Tin Front Porch Roof

tin front porch roof

In case you are thinking about extending your porch area, a tin roof inlaid with tiles can be a great idea. As aptly shown in this example, you can create a big porch space, similar to that of a veranda using wooden pillars to support the tin roof. Strong and sturdy, this should do you good in most weather condition.

Front Porch Shed Roof

front porch shed roof

It’s always a great idea to have an open boundary immediately outside the property walls. This not only keeps the exteriors clean and good looking but also extends your space. After all, who want to sit inside the house all day even if the sun has been extra giving!

Small Front Porch Roof Design

small front porch roof design

Whatever be the shape of your house, you can always choose to add a small porch space by extending the roof. Whether you make it out of wood or concrete is less important. A porch space could be a great asset to anyone in the household. you can also see Outdoor Patio Designs

Front Porch Slope Roof

front porch slope roof

A sloping roof above your front porch makes the ideal form for a dream house. This will be the space where several memories will be created – right from waving goodbye to your kids to enjoying those personal moments with your family.

Front Porch Copper Roof

front porch copper roof

In this example, the homeowner has been able to create a highly elaborate front porch space using copper brick materials. It could very well be the space the supports the chimney you had added after the first construction of the property. You can also see Outdoor Living Room Design

Flat Front Porch Roof

flat front porch roof

A flat roof extending from the middle of the height of the property could create an exclusive porch space. Depending on the immediate outdoor surroundings, you can hope to relive some amazing memories in these parts of the household.

Metal Front Porch Roof

metal front porch roof

Extended porch roofs can also be made from metal tiling. This is especially relevant if you are living in a cold area and don’t’ get too much of sun.

Enclosing Front Porch Roof

enclosing front porch roof

In this example, the porch space encloses the entire periphery of the house. Creating a lot of space for outdoor seating, it will be an excellent idea for your farm house.

Front Porch Glass Roof

front porch glass roof

Many homeowners are using glass roofing for their front porch to make maximum use of day lighting and also give a unique look to the space. In this case, the night lighting looks especially exotic through the glass roof.

Small Front Porch Roof Idea

small front porch roof idea

For homes with limited space around the surrounding, a smaller front porch will be a necessary addition. It not only increases the value of the property but offers more space and flexibility to the household.

Traditional Front Porch Roof Idea

traditional front porch roof idea

Curved fascia Porch Roof Idea

curved fascia porch roof idea

Plaza Midwood Craftsman Roof Idea

plaza midwood craftsman roof idea

Craftsman Style Porch Roof

craftsman style porch roof

Frontyard with Porch Roof Idea

frontyard with porch roof idea

Lighting of Front Porch Roof

lighting of front porch roof idea

White Front Porch Roof Design

white front porch roof design

Loved our ideas? We hope that you will now be able to plan something really unique for your property. Do share it with us in images!

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