Patio roof design generally comes with the geometric shape. The triangle, rectangle and square shaped roofs are generally utilized in case of patio roof designs. Apart from these usual types you can get latest designs like wave pattern roof designs, lattice roof designs and sheet spread roof designs. The latest roof designs are crafted by applying highly advanced technology.

Tropical Pool Patio Roof Design

tropical pool patio roof design

Stunning Patio Roof Design

stunning patio roof design

Creative Pool Patio Roof Design

creative pool patio roof design1

The geometric shapes were the usual patio roof designs used in past fashion. The old fashioned patio roofs were generally thick enough. The discontinued antique clay and concrete roof tiles were used too in patio roof designs in past time.

Sassy Patio Roof Design

sassy patio roof design

Elegant Patio Roof Design

elegant patio roof design2

Open Area Patio Roof Design

open area patio roof design

White Patio Roof Design

patio roof design

There are almost six different types of patio roof designs are available nowadays. The designs usually people have in the roof is cloth sheet, umbrella, shaded tree, pergola, lattice and integrated patio roofs. You can choose apart from these mentioned usual types of roofs too. You can decor the outdoor with the shuttering system plywood patio roof design which is very unique system.

Scenic Patio Roof Design

scenic patio roof design

Amazing Patio Roof Design

amazing patio roof design

Tranquil Patio Roof Design

tranquil patio roof design

Awesome Patio Roof Design

awesome patio roof design3

RKI Interior Design

Relaxing Patio Roof Design

relaxing patio roof design

Outdoor Patio Roof Design

outdoor patio roof design

Cement Patio Roof Design

cement patio roof design1

Concrete Patio Roof Design

concerete patio roof design

Pool Side Patio Roof Design

pool side patio roof design1

Serene Patio Roof Design

serene patio roof design

Contemporary Patio Roof Design

contemporary patio roof design1

Courtyard Patio Roof Design

courtyard patio roof design1

Modern Patio Roof Design

modern patio roof design1

Glassy Patio Roof Design

glassy patio roof design1

Modish Patio Roof Design

modish patio roof design1

Solid Patio Roof Design

solid patio roof design2

Stone Patio Roof Design

stone patio roof design2

Vibrant Modern Patio Roof Design

vibrant modern patio roof design1

Choose a lattice roof design if you need to enjoy the sunlight as well as the shades simultaneously. The cloth roof saves you from harsh sunlight and heavy rain. You can get complete glass roof patio design to fell the nature very closely. Pergola is very much suitable in cold areas.

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