A patio is an outdoor space that is usually used for entertaining guests, recreation, dining and relaxation. It is designed and built as an adjoining part of the house. Patio designs are usually based on the preference of the homeowners. It is a paved area wherein the most common materials used include; stones, bricks, concrete, tiles and cobblestones. Since it is intended for recreation and entertainment, a patio should be furnished and decorated – generally, with garden table and chairs set, and plants.

Paver Patio Designs

If you want an easy to maintain and cost-efficient patio, you should go for paver patio designs. Paver is an affordable and beautiful choice because it can really last a long time. The fact that it is possible to replace one paver at a time allows you to save money on repair, as well.

Paver Patio Design With Fireplace

paver patio design with fireplace


Backyard Paver Patio Design

backyard paver patio design


Raised Paver Patio Design

raised paver patio design


Brick Patio Designs

Brick patios provide instant charm and beauty to the outdoor spaces. The final result is always a neat and nice arrangement of bricks that create an ideal setting for an enjoyable outdoor gatherings while having a firm ground under the feet.

Red Brick Patio Design

red brick patio design


Circular Brick Patio Design

circular brick patio design


Rustic Brick Patio Design

rustic brick patio design


Outdoor Patio Designs

Creating a patio design is focused on designing an outdoor living space. This is a great way of making use of your available front yard or backyard space, without having to spend too much money. You just need a paved space where you can put outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Kitchen Patio Design

outdoor kitchen patio design


Outdoor Fireplace Patio Design

outdoor fireplace patio design

Design By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

Small Outdoor Patio Design

small outdoor patio design


Backyard Patio Designs

To help make your backyard interesting and useful, one of the best things you can do is to have a backyard patio. A backyard can be a boring space if it is not put to good use. Select a good spot, have it paved and furnished, then you are good to go.

Small Backyard Patio Design

small backyard patio design


Backyard Patio Deck Design

backyard patio deck design


Diy Backyard Patio Design

diy backyard patio design


Stone Patio Designs

Use of stones for patio paving is one good way of creating a rustic feel in your outdoor space. This is ideal for people who like having a unique connection with nature. Stones are natural materials, which make them easy to gather and cheap to use.

Crushed Stone Patio Design

crushed stone patio design


Paver Stone Patio Design

paver stone patio design


Outdoor Stone Patio Design

outdoor stone patio design

Design By: Jamie Durie

Covered Patio Designs

A covered patio allows you and your family to enjoy an outdoor gathering even during cold nights or rainy days. Some of the most common patio structure and coverings include; awnings, pergolas and gazebos. The most common covering materials are; metal, wood and vinyl.

Glass Covered Patio Design

glass covered patio design


Modern Covered Patio Design

modern covered patio design


Detached Covered Patio Design

detached covered patio design


Small Patio Designs

It is possible to build a patio even if you have a small outdoor space. The best design idea for limited space is using a built-in bench (L-shaped) instead of using individual chairs.

Contemporary Small Patio Design

contemporary small patio design

Photo By: Scott Mayoral

Small Brick Patio Design

small brick patio design


Small Narrow Patio Design

small narrow patio design

Photo By: Katrine Mardini

Pool Patio Designs

Having an outdoor pool requires a patio. The main idea is to provide a nice and paved space for people who will be using the pool. A pool patio is usually built right beside the pool and furnished with outdoor furniture.

Pool Patio Furniture Design

pool patio furniture design


Pool Patio Flooring Design

pool patio flooring design


Rectangle Pool Patio Design

rectangle pool patio design


Concrete Patio Designs

A concrete patio is a good choice for people who like simplicity. By using cement, you can easily achieve a paved patio that can provide you and your family with a nice and relaxing space outdoors. You can have your patio done in stamped concrete for a nice and cheaper finish.

Stamped Concrete Patio Design

stamped concrete patio design


Modern Concrete Patio Design

modern concrete patio design


Small Concrete Patio Design

small concrete patio design


Wood Patio Designs

The good thing about a wood patio is that you can play around with the levels. You can also choose to use polished or unpolished wood, depending on your preferred style. Unpolished wood will result in a nice and rustic look in your patio design.

Covered Wood Patio Design

covered wood patio design


Wood Patio Roof Design

wood patio roof design


Stone And Wood Patio Design

stone and wood patio design


Rock Patio Designs

If you want the idea of a rock patio, your options include rocks, crush stones and mulch. This is usually known as the loose material patio design. By choosing this patio design, you can easily and cheaply provide your family with a specific outdoor area for relaxation.

Slate Rock Patio Design

slate rock patio design


Flat Rock Patio Design

flat rock patio design


River Rock Patio Design

river rock patio design


Front Yard Patio Designs

For a front yard patio, it is important to make sure that the design matches the facade of the home. In most cases, the best choice is a paver patio. You may also want to have a nicely landscaped garden adjoining your patio.

Small Front Yard Patio Design

small front yard patio design


Diy Front Yard Patio Design

diy front yard patio design


Front Yard Brick Patio Design

front yard brick patio design


Raised Patio Designs

A raised patio is an elevated space adjoining a home that provides a relaxing space outdoors. It is usually built in the back yard, furnished with comfortable garden sets and surrounded with beautiful plants and flowers.

Raised Paver Patio Design

raised paver patio designs


Raised Stone Patio Design

raised stone patio design


Raised Brick Patio Design

raised brick patio design


Restaurant Patio Designs

A restaurant patio can serve as a dining space extension. In some restaurants, their patios are built as a waiting area while others serve as outdoor bars.

Restaurant Patio Furniture Design

restaurant patio furniture design


Outdoor Restaurant Patio Idea

outdoor restaurant patio idea


Restaurant Patio Lighting Design

restaurant patio lighting design


Garden Patio Designs

A garden patio is an outdoor space that connects the home and the garden. By having this outdoor area, you can have a place where you can relax while enjoying the beauty of nature while you are still pretty close to the comfort of your home.

Sloping Garden Patio Design

sloping garden patio design e1476443852287


Victorian Garden Patio Design

victorian garden patio design


Contemporary Garden Patio Design

contemporary garden patio design


Screened Patio Designs

In locations where the weather can be always cold or wet, a screened patio is a better option than one that is uncovered. With a covered and screend patio, you can use unpholstered chairs and sofas for a more comfortable and relaxing time with your family.

Covered Screened Patio Design

covered screened patio design


Screened Backyard Patio Design

screened backyard patio design


Screened In Patio Design

screened in patio design


Square Patio Designs

A square patio lets you makes use of all available outdoor space. This is the ideal patio design for those with small outdoor spaces.

Square Paver Patio Design

square paver patio design


Square Fire Pit Patio Design

square fire pit patio design


Small Square Patio Design

small square patio design


Circular Patio Designs

If you have a lot of outdoor space that can be used for a patio, one of your best options is a circular patio.

Brick Circular Patio Design

brick circular patio design


Circular Stone Patio Design

circular stone patio design


Circular Patio Furniture Design

circular patio furniture design


Patio Landscape Designs

For a more beautiful outdoor space, a patio with landscaping is a not choice. By incorporating landscaping with your patio design, you create a relaxing and enticing space where you can enjoy time with nature in the most comfortable way.

Backyard Patio Landscape Design

backyard patio landscape design


Small Patio Landscape Design

small patio landscape design


Front Patio Landscaping Idea

front patio landscaping idea


Flagstone Patio Designs

Flagstone is a highly recommended material for a patio. This material has the ability to let water permeate, which means that it is very possible to avoid accumulation of water that would form into pools and puddles. Flagstones are also good if you are targeting the organic and natural feel for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Flagstone Patio Design

outdoor flagstone patio design


Elevated Flagstone Patio Design

elevated flagstone patio design


Irregular Flagstone Patio Design

irregular flagstone patio design


One of the most important tips while creating a patio design is to make sure that you have enough space outdoors. Next, you must also decide on what material you want for the patio. And of course, your choice of furnishing should be based on your location’s weather.

Having a patio design allows you to plan for your outdoor space effectively. With a design in your hand, you can easily see if you need to make modifications before you start the construction process. You will also have the chance you establish if your choice of materials are going to match your home exterior design. You must understand that your patio, as an outdoor space, is going to be a nice asset for your home if it has a design or style that compliments your house.

An outdoor space should not be just another useless space. It should be used to its full potential, and one of the best ways to do that is to build a patio. This is where a nice patio design comes in. It is important to know that there are different styles of patio designs. Your choice should be based on what you really want – like do you want your patio in your front yard or backyard? Or maybe, you want it done in flagstone, pavers, stones, concrete or wood?

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