Decks are a go to place in your house for relaxation and spending some peaceful time with self or family. Perhaps sitting on the deck on a stressed day can serve as a great relaxant and will help you freshen up. A covered deck with the right furniture, décor and lights can wholly transform the look of your deck. We have selected some of the best covered deck designs exclusively for you. We hope you are inspired by our design collection. You may also see transitional deck.

Below is a list of beautiful covered deck designs which we have collected for you as follows:

Outdoor Covered Deck Design

outdoor covered deck design

This is a gorgeous outdoor covered deck design which has a rustic theme with stone walls, lamps, sofas, wood railing and an exotic view outside. The light fixtures are unique and add a lot of definition to the rustic look and feel of the deck.

Small Covered Deck Idea

small covered deck idea

This traditional deck has a beautiful wooden railing in the ceiling and it is situated in the lakeside which offers a breathtaking view. This small covered deck idea is ideal for outdoors, it is simple and functional and also very stylish.

Glass Covered Deck

glass covered deck

This is a very luxurious glass covered deck in black and brown whose main highlight is the glass covered doors. The deck features beautiful furniture including sofas, dining table, coffee table, etc all in black which makes the deck have a contemporary feel.

Backyard Covered Deck

backyard covered deck

This is a covered deck which is situated at the backyard of the house featuring raised ceiling, comfortable chairs for seating, center table etc. the backyard is covered with curtains in white that complements the brown décor. You may also see floating deck.

Covered Enclosed Deck Idea

covered enclosed deck idea

This covered enclosed deck is a beautiful one containing ambiance lighting, cedar wood fencing, outdoor seating etc. The deck also features an outdoor kitchen with several flowers and pots that add to the adornment of the space.

Modern Covered Deck Design

modern covered deck design

Design by KUBE architecture

This modern covered deck is uncluttered and seamless. It is also highly functional and is located in the midst of the garden and has gravel rocks surrounding below the deck, it also has a Zen-like feel because of the clean lines.

Covered Upper Deck

covered upper deck

The covered upper deck features wood burning fireplaces, built-in heaters which are fixed in the ceiling as well as a number of skylights. The patio which has double decks extends out from the under deck and has a utility space over the lower deck.

Covered Deck with Fireplace

covered deck with fireplace

This is an amazing covered deck idea which features a beautiful fireplace with a stone backsplash. The fireplace area is surrounded by rockwork wherein below the fireplace is located. The flooring is of dark wood with beige sofas for seating and a lovely view of the greenery outside.

Raised Covered Deck Idea

raised covered deck idea

This raised covered deck contains glass doors that fold all the way back and features window doors that open up outside. The patio is very simple but also at the same time very spacious which is great for outdoor parties or family dinners. A perfect spot!

Covered Wood Deck Design

covered wood deck design

This is a traditional covered deck made out of wood and all things rustic. It features an outdoor fire pit, ambiance lights, customized wooden decking etc. The deck is basically made of natural stone or rock walls with several antique finished lights that add the rustic feel to the deck.

Exterior Covered Deck Design

exterior covered deck design

Contemporary Covered Deck Design

contemporary covered deck design

Rustic Covered Deck Designs

rustic covered deck designs

Beach Style Covered Deck Idea

beach style covered deck idea

Design by Gary Brewer Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Covered Deck Design

covered deck design

Oak Covered Deck Design

oak covered deck design

Asian Covered Deck Design

asian covered deck design

Covered decks are great as they provide us with the right amount of privacy and freedom and also let us enjoy the breathtaking view of the outdoors. You can inspire yourselves by looking at the above-covered patio or deck designs which are exclusively designed with skill and proficiency. They are stylish, modern and functional at the same time. You may also see rustic deck.

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