A deck is an extension of space outside your home that gives you the comfort of your personal room. The only difference being the comfort of the deck can be enjoyed amidst nature. Along with offering you a comfortable spot to read a book or share a meal with family, the deck is a spacious outdoor space that leaves a grand or spectacular impression on your guests.

Look below for the 10 inspiring design ideas to create a personal and customized space that will suit your traditional, contemporary, simple or luxurious style and taste.

1. Glass Covered Deck



Treat your deck as an extended room and design it with the right amount of passion and energy. If you are looking for something simple yet charming, try and install a glass roof with a comfortable seating space. Take advantage of the view while also enjoying a pleasant get-together.

2. Hardscaping Deck Design



Turn your regular looking brick patio into a wooden backyard escape for family and friends. A sprawling deck provides ample amount of space for private and secluded seating area that gives a close touch with mature trees.

3. Rustic Style Deck Design


Molly Wood Design

Go for a rustic style deck with minimal and comfortable cane furniture. Pair the furniture with shadow umbrellas to create a relaxed ambience. You can also have this setup on the rooftop if you are short on the patio space.

4. Small Wooden Deck Design

rustic style deck design1

Photo By: Tomas Ovalle

If you have limited space and want to keep things simple, go for a small wooden deck that extends on your garden area. Include a fireplace and two comfortable sofa seats to cosy up space for coming winter months.

5. Standout Deck Stairs



If you live nearby a water source, one way to go about designing the deck is to add curved stairs and stone surface landings to provide a generous view of the nearby water. Add a rustic setting and chunky wooden railings to create a space that feels an extension of the home.

6. Romantic and Elaborate Deck Design

elaborate deck design


If you wish to have something more elaborate and dreamy, try and add decorative windows for a romantic transition to your space. Create a laid back outdoor setup with relaxed couch or bench and flowery plants. Extend this theme further to your garden area by turning the junk into garden ornaments.

7. Traditional Style Deck Design


Photo By: Mary Palmer Dargan

Go with a traditional style, with a simple low height deck that carries that 1720 Georgian characteristic and a simple round table and chair seating arrangement.

8. No Wall Deck Design

no wall deck


Go the completely open route by creating an open source air structure. This multifunctional space will help to extend the use of the area and very soon become your family’s favourite gathering spot for some chilly nights. Try and go for a round patio with a firepit for entertaining the company in the cool weather.

9. Contemporary Outdoor Deck Design


John Grable Architects

Go with a contemporary style for your modern outdoor deck complete with wood and tiles and accent lighting to create a cosy and appealing ambience.

10. Modern Deck With Kitchen



If you generally have a large company to entertain including a stone and wood kitchen in your outdoor deck is one way to bring the fine dining experience close to the serving and eating space.

Think outside the standard design layout and create a space that is equally appealing and functional.

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