Stair railings are important features that should always be considered when building homes and other structures that require stairs. Stair rails are regular railings and they are installed on stairs to provide something to hold onto as people walk up or down the stairs. You can use a stair rail for any kind of stairs that you have in mind (like spiral staircase, straight stairs, quarter landing, or half landing). If you are looking for stair railing design that would fit into your home plan, the following images should give you some great ideas.

Outdoor Stair Railing Design Idea

outdoor stair railing design idea

If you are looking for outdoor stair designs, this deck stair is a good choice. This set of deck stairs is wide and it provides shade. The aluminum stair railing extends to the front and side parts of the upper deck.

Glass Stair Railing Design

glass stair railing design

This glass stair railing design with wood cap provides a beautiful match to the wooden floor and stairs. The set up is very elegant because it brings out the beauty of natural brown wood amongst the whiteness of the interior. You can also see Living Room Stair Designs

Contemporary Stair Railing

contemporary stair railing

The dark stair railing used for this carpeted staircase is contemporary in design and it provides additional aesthetic appeal to the home interior. The matching side railing adds extra support for ascending and descending movements.

Deck Stair Railing Idea

deck stair railing idea

This wooden deck offers a great outdoor retreat for the family. The stairs and the stair railing are made of similar wood material, making the whole set up a truly magnificent and natural feature attached to a modern home design.

Wood Stair Railing Design

wood stair railing design

This winding mansion staircase is designed with wood stair railing. The wood has a polished light brown color, which is the perfect match to the wooden doors on the ground floor, and adds a nice contrast to the light colored main motif.

Garage Stair Railing

garage stair railing

The staircase leading to the garage door is made of concrete and it is matched perfectly with the concrete driveway. To provide a nice contrast, wood is used for the stair railing, garage door, deck posts and other garage outside features.

Steel Stair Railing Design

steel stair railing design

The stainless steel stair railing used for the winding stairs add elegance into this modern open space designed interior. The rich brown color of the wood stairs match the white concrete base to perfection.

Basement Stair Railing

basement stair railing

This basement stair is designed to provide a perfect wall for the TV and the media cabinet. The base of the stairs have three steps in increasing sizes. To add support and elegance, painted stair railing is used.

Modern Stair Railing Idea

modern stair railing idea

The staircase used for this modern interior is made of stainless steel and it is powder-coated. The stair railing has pretty clean lines of the stair rail with metal handrail pipes. The overall effect of the staircase setup is both modern and industrial.

Porch Stair Railing

porch stair railing

This porch is very traditional and dreamy in design. It is something that you may want to add into your home outdoor design. The white painted wood stair railing extends to the sides of the porch and the design and color perfectly macth the natural wood color of the floor.

Rustic Stair Railing Design

rustic stair railing design

Design by Napier Construction

Stair Railing Design

stair railing design

Staircase Black Railing Idea

staircase black railing idea

Entrance Stair Railing Idea

entrance stair railing idea

Traditional Stair Railing Design

traditional stair railing design

Amazing Stair Railing Design

amazing stair railing design

Hardwood Stair Metal Railing Idea

hardwood stair metal railing idea

There are different types of stair railings. You can go for a wooden railing if you have either wood or concrete stairs. Stainless steel stair railings are very common too, especially for interiors done in industrial concept. You can include a simple stair railing for a small staircase with a small desk underneath.

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