Stairways are some of the most customised areas of your home. These shoulder more importance than just their functional value. There are different types of spiral staircase designs that add to the architectural splendour of your home. Well, you may incorporate the space saving staircase design ideas in your home to make judicial use of the available space. Here, you will come across ten classy space saving stairway design ideas that you can incorporate in your homes.

Loft Space Saving Staircase

loft space saving staircase

You may have wondered how to make judicial use of the space under the stairs. The ideal option is to arrange for a well-engineered cabinet in the available space and use it up. The black steps with a brighter background goes well with the dark wooden floor in the room.

Wooden Space Saving Staircase

wooden space saving staircase

Design by Hiltongrove

Wood has its own elegance and when you incorporate the wooden staircase ideas to save space, you can install a number of drawers under it. The under-deck storage system is ideal for tall wooden cabinets.

Space Saving Spiral Staircase

space saving spiral staircase

Design by Laura Garner

When you look out for a Mansion Staircase in a limited area, the best option is to go for a spiral staircase. The wooden steps look symmetrical from the top, and it delivers a taste of elegance to the modern mansion. It finds perfect compatibility with the wooden interior accessories. You can a see Loft Staircase Designs

Space Saving Attic Staircase

space saving attic staircase

Attic staircases can be made experimental and innovative, especially when you have a clumsy space. You can literally use the staircase as a shelf for keeping accessories. There are decks arranged according to height, and it is actually a sort of hidden staircase that is visible to the visitors.

Paddle Space Saving Staircase

paddle space saving staircase

In libraries and student rooms, there is a limitation of space and you need to allocate space for the staircase there. A spiral staircase, in this case, serves the purpose and leads to the upper storeys. Arrange for suitable railings in the upper floors and this looks compatible with the spiral railing.

Modern Space Saving Stairs

modern space saving stairs

In a Modern Staircase, optimum use of space is made by innovating the under-stair shelf idea. The bright wooden color of the stairs go well with the room, and the shelf serves as a place to keep the necessary accessories in the room. There is no railing in this stair, and the upper parts of the floor along the walls are designed in parity with the white walls.

Space Saving Winder Staircase

space saving winder staircase

Design by Chris Snook

When you long for a sophisticated staircase leading to the attic, you can make the use of the vertical space in the room. These stairs are lined along the walls and go well with the white ambience of the room. The glass railings look great with this setting.

External Space Saving Staircase

external space saving staircase

In external staircases, you need to opt for the floating stairs to make the economic use of space. These are brown in color and goes well with the white walls and light brown floor of the room. Attach a plank handrail on the wall to ease up the climbing process for the people.

Contemporary Space Saving Staircase

contemporary space saving staircase

This type of stairways is generally found in offices. You will like the vertical pattern of placing the bars, and the brown colour of the staircase is compatible with the bright walls of the room. Small pendant lights in the ceiling will make the look of the room gorgeous.

Space Saving Glass Staircase Design

space saving glass staircase design

Design by Charles Rose Architects Inc.

Contemporary houses with metal roof skylights look great when you incorporate the glass staircase idea. The stacked staircase along the wall looks great when the railings are painted in a dark color, preferably brown. Go for a wooden flooring in the room for utmost compatibility.

Unique Space Saving Staircase

unique space saving staircase

Wood Space Saving Spiral Staircase

wood space saving spiral staircase

White Space Saving Staircase

white space saving staircase

Design by MARC

Tiny Space Saving Staircase Design

tiny space saving staircase design

Space Saving Oak Staircase Design

contemporary space saving staircase design

Modern Glass Space Saving Stairs

modern glass space saving stairs

Black Steel Space Saving Stairs

black steel space saving stairs

Trends of housing are changing and today you will come across Loft Staircase designs even in offices. When you look out for space saving staircase design ideas, you need to consider the available space, materials of accessories of the rooms, wall and floor colour and so on. There are new innovations with respect to space-saving staircase ideas, and if you have something new in mind, please feel free to let us know.

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