Looking to do more with your yard? A floating deck was established as a DIY project to provide a unique view of your yard. Only a few inches off the water, this platform makes the perfect place to laze in the weekend, have a few beers under the summer sun and enjoy with your close family and friends. The good thing is that floating decks are quite simple to make and install but give you a wide range of opportunities. Here are some ideas that will suit your curiosity!

Movable Deck Platform

movable deck platform

Design by : Dagan Design & Construction

Floating desk designs offer the advantage of mobility. Depending on the weather, you can choose to place your deck on any part of your yard. It could be under the oak tree or at a vantage point that gives you a panoramic view of the landscape ahead. Put in a few chairs, a small table and conversations find its way.

Floating Deck Tiles Design

floating deck tiles design


A floating deck needn’t always be a separate part of the household, with a few feet of yards in between. You can choose to expand your concrete layout along the porch area to create a neat seating space in the immediate outdoors. This example shows how tiles have been used to meet the end. You can also see Modern Deck Designs

Floating Deck Roof Design

floating deck roof design


In this case, the floating deck has been placed over a water body – not really a swimming pool but a private pond. You can create a romantic setting by adding a pagoda type roof above the deck. Make it lightweight to make the whole structure flexible. Having big trees around too helps – not only to stand guard against the weather but also to create a private ambiance.

Diy Floating Deck Design

diy floating deck design

Design by : The Cousins

A floating deck can be a fun DIY project. Along with your friends, kids or partner, you can make a platform using wooden planks. All you need to do is some landscaping and ensuring that your deck is a few inches off the ground. You can also see Mediterranean Deck Designs

Square Floating Deck Idea

square floating deck idea


In this example, the floating deck has been immaculately deployed immediately outside the house. If you have a backyard that leads to a small garden or lawn, you can choose to build a floating deck. Just make sure you are using weather resistant materials.

Rectangular Floating Deck

rectangular floating deck


Same as above, the shape of your floating deck depends on the structure of your property and the amount of space you are looking to over with the floating deck. It will easily become the favorite part of the house for your kids and pets. Well, you too can enjoy some wine and laze around in weekends.

Multiple Level Floating Deck

multiple level floating deck

Design by : clark kitchens and construction

As opposed to steps, you can create a unique design by placing different levels of decks to guide you to the highest platform. This design can also be beneficial if you are looking to create separate areas on your floating deck.

Partial Floating Deck Idea

partial floating deck idea


A floating deck design can also be rightly integrated into the structure of your house, as shown beautifully in this example. If you have the privilege, the floating deck can also become the mid area between the living room and your private pool.

Floating Deck Landscaping Idea

floating deck landscaping idea


If you have a private pond or water body at the backyard, a floating deck such as this can be an amazing investment. Here, you don’t just have a floating platform above the water but also floating steps that lead to it! Fish in it or just sit at the end, put your legs into the water and read a book or drink a beer!

Floating Deck Rooftop Garden

floating deck rooftop garden


A floating deck roof can also be installed with a small garden and with time, the installation will turn into a natural green ceiling!

Outdoor Living Room Floating Deck

outdoor living room floating deck


Contemporary Floating Deck Idea

contemporary floating deck idea


Modern Floating Deck Design

modern floating deck design

Design by : KUBE architecture

Mid Century Modern Deck Idea

mid century modern deck idea

Design by : Urbanism Designs

Japanese Floating Deck

japanese floating deck


Multi Level Deck and Floating Idea

multi level deck and floating idea


Open View Floating Deck Idea

open view floating deck idea


Small Floating Deck Idea

small floating deck idea


Pool Side Floating Deck Idea

pool side floating deck idea


Floating Wood Deck Idea

floating wood deck idea


Loved our ideas for floating deck? You can choose bamboo or any kind of durable wood to make one yourself. Do share pictures when you are all ready to laze in your own floating deck!

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