The concept of deck has been in use since ages. It was found and registered in ships primarily. The commanders / captains of the ships used the space to announce any information or give commands / guide the crew members. Now days the space has been in use for many other purposes.

Mediterranean Deck and Pool in Outdoor

mediterranean deck and pool in outdoor

Designed by Claudia Schmutzler

Mediterranean Pool Deck With Chaises

mediterranean pool deck with chaises

Photo By: Barron Custom Design, LLC

Natural Stone Mediterranean Pool Deck Design

natural stone mediterranean pool deck design

From a small elevated place to bigger in size, decks may be made in almost every size and almost anywhere. So whether you have a resort or a house, you may make it the way you want to.

Luxurious Mediterranean Pool Deck

luxurious mediterranean pool deck

Photo By: Warwick P Hunt

Enchanting Mediterranean Pool Deck

enchanting mediterranean pool deck1

Photo By: Warwick P Hunt

Yellow Mediterranean Inspired Home With Spacious Deck

yellow mediterranean inspired home with spacious deck

Photo By: TriplePoint Design Build

Mediterranean Home Boasts Large White Deck

mediterranean home boasts large white deck

Photo By: TriplePoint Design Build

Patio Tiling Delineates The Pool Deck

patio tiling delineates the pool deck

Photo By: Barron Custom Design, LLC

If you live closest to the sea then there is much you may do about it. You may make an elevated place and put plants on it. While enjoying the sea view; you may appreciate nature in every bit. So the call is totally yours.

Beautiful Mediterranean Deck in Spacious Outdoor

beautiful mediterranean deck in spacious outdoor

Home Mediterranean Deck Interior

home mediterranean deck interior

Outdoor Mediterranean Deck Designs

outdoor mediterranean deck designs

Mediterranean Deck With Wooden Floor

mediterranean deck with wooden floor

Exterior Mediterranean Deck Design

exterior mediterranean deck design

Mediterranean Deck Outdoor Ideas

mediterranean deck outdoor ideas

Spacious Exterior Mediterranean Deck

spacious exterior mediterranean deck

Simple Mediterranean Deck Design

simple mediterranean deck design

Cool Outdoor Mediterranean Deck Design

cool outdoor mediterranean deck design

Mediterranean Deck Brings Elegant Look

mediterranean deck brings elegant look

Mediterranean Deck Gives Royal Look

mediterranean deck gives royal look

Charming Mediterranean Deck Idea

charming mediterranean deck idea

Mediterranean Deck with Vintage Look

mediterranean deck with vintage look

At the same elevated section, you may keep it for celebrating time with coffee with some books beside. The same place may be used for indoor games. Likewise, if you have a bigger place, then you may make a modern swimming pool and celebrate ever second at home. All that is needed is some homework. See how your space area is and research what all can be done inside. Options are many to explore.

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