Balcony railings have much more to offer than their functional values. In fact, these are delicately chosen housing accessories. When you choose the right railing for your balcony, it carries an architectural value, besides providing an elegant exterior look to your home. When you incorporate the balcony wall designs to perfection, it complements the walls in the building. Here are ten balcony railing designs for you to choose when you long to get a classy look for your home.

Metal Balcony Railing

metal balcony railing1

Metal housing accessories have their own inherent beauty. Here, a gray metal railing in the balcony looks compatible with the gray floor and the short awning. Install matching sitting accessories in the balcony, and the metal deck rails will look sleek and elegant.

Wooden Balcony Railing

wooden balcony railing

A wooden balcony railing with horizontal beams looks classy when you have a matching wooden floor in the balcony. When you have wooden walls in the adjacent rooms, the balcony looks further tailored. Place some potted plants on the balcony and this will make the balcony complete.

Cement Balcony Railing Design

cement balcony railing design

Cement balconies railings have been the prevailing trend for a long time, and the design refuses to grow old. Red cement tiles on the roof look matching with this setting. The cement railings and walls are painted in a light cream shade. These railings go well with houses with great architectural designs and arches.

Balcony Glass Railing

balcony glass railing

When you have a large balcony with a picturesque outside view, the best option is to choose glass railings. This will make the balcony look sophisticated. The glass deck railing complements the light brown floor of the area and you need to get light brown furniture to complete the setting.

Vintage Balcony Railing

vintage balcony railing

Design by Carson Poetzl, Inc.

If you are in a hunt for the perfect balcony railing to complement your vintage interior, opt for the wrought iron trellis. These are designed into complement rooms with curved door tops and offers great architectural value. The iron grill  looks classy and gorgeous with the setting.

Outdoor Balcony Railing Idea

outdoor balcony railing idea

There are homes with stairways leading up from  ground floor to the upper floor balconies. For these balconies, you can incorporate wrought iron deck railing. The wrought iron trellis looks compatible with the cream walls in the building. The balcony looks even more sophisticated with the elegant patio outside.

Wrought Iron Balcony Railing Design

wrought iron balcony railing design

Design by Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

When you get wrought iron balcony rails for your home, you need to complement them with matching window grills and furniture. Here, you can use lattice décor on the walls and the deck furniture looks classy and beautiful. The light slate floor color goes well with the cushions on the chairs.

Stone Balcony Railing

stone balcony railing

Design by Sweaney Custom Homes, Inc.

Stone balcony railings are a part of beautiful mansions with stucco exteriors. These railings go well with houses with dome shaped tops and great architectural features. The upper floor balconies can be fixed with this railing to yield a luxurious look in the mansion.

Stainless Steel Balcony Railing

stainless steel balcony railing

If you are looking for an ultra-modern look in your balcony, you can go for stainless steel railings for the balconies. These are perfectly compatible to the brown wall color in the mansion. Generally, these designs are found in commercial buildings and plazas. A beautiful pool in the front of the mansion will create a spell of sheer beauty with this setting.

Mediterranean Balcony Railing

mediterranean balcony railing

Traditional Wooden Balcony Railing

traditional wooden balcony railing

Balcony Iron Railing Idea

balcony iron railing idea

Balcony White Railing Idea

balcony white railing idea

Balcony Black Railing Idea

balcony black railing idea

Outdoor Balcony Glass Railing

outdoor balcony glass railing

There are different other balcony railing designs that you can incorporate into your house. You can pick the right railing design, depending on the type of the balcony. People who are passionate about housing are innovating new small balcony designs with new railing patterns and if you too come up with a new idea, feel free to let us know about it.

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