There are endless concepts when it comes to renovation of rooms. Extraordinary painting ideas make the rooms look evergreen and vibrant. One of such famous concept of room painting is the Blank Walls In Every Room concept. This concept had been there for ages and still it is adapted by the modern houses.

The concept of blank walls in every room is done for a purpose. The blank wall becomes useful for hanging any precious or innovative things such as paintings, photographs, mirrors and other such things. Generally, the blank wall is painted with a single coat of color so that it is kept simple and vibrant.

White Walls Make An Ideal Blank Canvas

white walls make an ideal blank canvas

Custom Oak Media Blank Wall With Fireplace

custom oak media blank wall with fireplace

White Country Style Living Room With Blank Wall

white country style living room with blank wall

Framed Posters in Stylish Game Room On Blank Walls

framed posters in stylish game room on blank walls

Transitional Dining Room With Plane Wall

transitional dining room with plane wall

Gray Basement Bar With Gray Blank Wall

gray basement bar with gray blank wall

Dining Room With Deep Gray Descent Wall

dining room with deep gray descant walls

White Silk Sheers And Neutral Block Wall

white silk sheers and neutral block wall

Photo By: Laurie Black

Colors and Textures Balance Blank Wall

colors and textures balance blank wall

Photo By: George Cott

Wine Tones Adorn Walls With Blank Space

wine tones adorn walls with blank space

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Modern Studio Living Room With Blank Walls

modern studio living room with cool yellow

Contemporary Dining Room With Blank Stoned Wall

contemporary dining room with blank stoned wall

White Bedroom With Plane White Walls

white bedroom with plane white walls

Traditional Living Room With Brown Blank Walls

traditional living room with brown blank walls

Eclectic Basement Elegant Blank Wall Idea

eclectic basement eleagnt blank wall design

Transitional Dining Room With Cool Blank Wall

transitional dining room with cool blank wall

Contemporary Bedroom With Blank Gray Wall

contemporary bedroom with blank gray wall

Transitional Bedroom With Gray Blank Walls

transitional bedroom with lovely blank wall

Contemporary Family Room With Smooth Blank Wall

contemporary family room with smooth blank wall

Cool Living Room With Ravishing Green Blank Walls

cool living room with ravishing green blank walls

April Force Pardoe

Transitional Family Room With Glam White Blank Wall

transitional family room with glam white blank wall

Transitional Sitting Room With Simple Orange Wall

transitional sitting room with simple orange wall

Generally, blank walls are kept in the rooms for hanging innovative staffs like handicrafts, paintings, bookshelf and other. Blank walls in every room give the chance to people to tryout something creative with it. if you are a creative person then you can try  out this concept.

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