Girls love to try different things when it comes to fashion and make-up. Nail art is a concept which is demanded and appreciated by all women. There are so many types and designs available in this category that it becomes difficult for girls to pick up one particular design. There are so many designs like acrylic nail designs, water nail art marble nail art and much more. Out of all types pumpkin nail art is a rare design and also looks cute. Even pumpkin nail art has different designs to select from, here is an informative article for all girls.

Pumpkin Face Nail Art

Pumpkin Face Nail Art Source

This type of design is different right; face in the pumpkin is what we see in the Halloween parties. But this is a new and a cute concept. A face in the pumpkin at some extent looks cute and is not like the regular exclusive designs. It is something different which is suitable for casuals. Well not many girls do this but yes there are few girls who like to try every stupid and the best designs on their nails.

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Design

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Design Source

Well Halloween is a scary party idea where people are disguised in outfits to scare people attending the party and the surrounding is mostly designed with frightful faces in the pumpkin. This nail design is actually different design from the original nail design collection. But this can definitely be done for theme parties.

Pumpkin Toe Nail Art

Pumpkin Toe Nail Art Source

Nail designing is something every girl loves to do before going out from their house. But along with nail art toe nails are also to be designed. Pumpkin face is easily done at home so if you want to do nail art on your toe you can try this at home also. So girls here are designs for you. Besides pumpkin face is mostly done on an orange nail design , it can also be done on your desired color.

Pumpkin Glitter Nail Design

Pumpkin Glitter Nail Design Source

When it comes to nail art and designing it can be done by glitters and also have beaded nails done for party effect. And when these materials are added to the design it looks more elegant and beautiful and also highlights the nail art done on your nails. So if you want your nail design to look exclusive you can add the designing materials too.

French Tip Pumpkin Nail Art

French Tip Pumpkin Nail Art Source

French tip design is always an excellent choice for nail art and besides the simple French tips pumpkin design can be made on this tip to make it more attractive and eve catching. So that wherever you go people will ask you about your design.

Pumpkin Nail Art for Short Nails

Pumpkin Nail Art for Short Nails Source

Girls who have short nails, now here is something interesting for you. Nail designing can be done on short nails too. A pumpkin design is a perfect choice on short nails. It will look casual and if you want a party look you can surely add some glitter to make it attractive.

Acrylic Pumpkin Nails

Acrylic Pumpkin Nails Source

Acrylic nails are seen on almost every girl’s hand. There are different designs in acrylics also. But a pumpkin is done on an acrylic nail also. It gives a shiny look to the design making it glow day and night.

Tiny Pumpkins Nail Art

Tiny Pumpkins Nail Art Source

Like you see in this image it is not at all necessary that your nail design should be large and loud. Even a small pumpkin design looks good on the normal applied nail colour on your hand for different occasions. So you can try this and flaunt it in public.

Cute Pumpkin Nail Manicure

Cute Pumpkin Nail Manicure Source

Pumpkin nail designing and manicure is not much known by everyone but yes it is a trend and a crazy designing and girls who are different from the others and like to try irregular stuff chooses such types of designs. And they really look good so you can try it.

Pumpkin Nails with Rhinestones

Pumpkin Nails with Rhinestones Source

Rhinestone is the 3D nail designing material used in almost every design to make it more elegant and beautiful. So all those who are fond of different designs can make it with their choice and noticeable to others. It is a different design for sure and can be done by anyone even at home.

Simple Pumpkin Nail Design

Simple Pumpkin Nail Design Source

Crazy Pumpkin Nail Art Idea

Crazy Pumpkin Nail Art Idea Source

Black and Orange Pumpkin Nails

Black and Orange Pumpkin Nails Source

Awesome Pumpkin Nail Art

Awesome Pumpkin Nail Art Source

Shellac Pumpkin Nails Idea

Shellac Pumpkin Nails Idea Source

Spooky Pumpkin Nail Art Idea

Spooky Pumpkin Nail Art Idea Source

Unique Pumpkin Nail Design Idea

Unique Pumpkin Nail Design Idea Source

Pumpkin Lattice Nail Design

Pumpkin Lattice Nail Design Source

Hand Painted Pumpkin Nail Art

Hand Painted Pumpkin Nail Art Source

Pretty Pumpkin Nail Art Idea

Pretty Pumpkin Nail Art Idea Source

Beautiful Pumpkin Nail Design

Beautiful Pumpkin Nail Design Source

Nail art lovers like to try different and unique designs from the regular ones. Toe nail designs are trending in the nail designing fashion. Girls who like to try unusual stuff go for this pumpkin designs and of course there are many different types in pumpkin nail art designing too.

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