When some mention “Halloween-themed manicure” most women tend to cringe and run to the nearest nude polish they can find. These days, Halloween is not just about your costume and makeup – your needs need to be dressed too. Most of the popular nail designs are based on the famous scary movies.

Halloween 3d Nail Art Idea

scary halloween nail designs

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This nail art looks amazing and is very easy to do on your nails. You just have to make sure that your nails are scary enough. Use scary stickers or accessories for the effect.

Halloween Nail Stickers Idea

nail designs

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This cute Halloween nail art will look adorable on small girls who like scary yet cute stickers on their nails for Halloween. You can use scary stickers for this nail art.

Easy Halloween Nail Art Design


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This nail polish design is a very easy style to make your nails look spooky on Halloween. Make use of black, white and red nail paint and draw haunted elements to create this look.

Vampire Stiletto Nail Design

halloween image

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This Dracula nails is one of the spookiest looking things you can try this Halloween. Use pretty and bright colours such as black and red for this design and use a lot of glitters and accessories.

Colorful Halloween Finger Nail Design

funny halloween nail art

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You can have nail polish in vibrant and bold colours to totally change the appearance of your nails and turn them into scary nails. Add some scary and spooky stickers on nails to bring about this style.

Black and White Ghost Nail Art Idea

skelton halloween designs

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You can find this cool nail art very easy to do as it just uses the popular black and white combination. The design is classy and will make your fingers look elegant and scary at the same time.

Nail Art Design For Halloween

nail design

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This cool nail art can be tried out by many girls and they will all love it. This simple looking Skull Nails for Halloween can be teamed up with the zombie nails for a better effect.

Halloween Spider Web Nail Art

halloween nail

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You can create a vibrant Halloween nail art with the zesty hue orange. It is easy to do as you can emboss stickers of spiders and web to create the effect on your nail art.

Bat Nail Art For Halloween

halloween eye nail designs

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This nail art is easy to do and you can also use this them for Halloween toenail design. Use bright colors as the base and then hand draw the bats to create this nail art.

Creepy Halloween Themed Manicure

halloween nail designs

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This creepy themed Halloween nail art gives your nails an amazing look that will attract attention like no other. The purple and black combination gives off an eerie look to the nails.

White Halloween Nail Design

halloween nails

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Vampire nail art is another favorite trend on the list. Whether you’re on Team Edward or Team Eric Northman, any “True Blood” fan will appreciate vampire fangs for their nails.

Halloween Gel Nail Design

nail designs 1

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Cute Halloween Nail Manicures

nail art

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Among the Top favorites is the stomach-churning “The Walking Dead” Zombie nails to a hair-raising manicure from the movie “the Grudge.”

Zombie Nail Art Design

halloween nail des

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Short Nails Halloween Nail Art

nailart design

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Bat Halloween Nail Design

nail art halloween design

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Creepy Vampire Nail Art Picture

nail designs for halloween

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Scary French Tip Nail Art

halloween nail art

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Scary Vampire Nail Art Idea

halloween scary nailart

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Halloween Nail Art for Short Nails

halloween nailart

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Bat Nail Art Designs

halloween tree nailart

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Halloween Mix and Match Nail Design

simple nailart

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Ghostly ghouls are very popular right now. The 3D element adds a nice extra to chic nails. It’s a step up from the ghost costume you used to make with an old bed sheet.You can mix and match your nail art designs to create an individual look. Can’t decide on just one design? Add a skull with a cute bow and hearts on one nail, but design a zombie on the next nail.

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