Nail art is fun, and acrylic nail designs have become the latest trend these days. You just cannot dream of an evening with ripped off cuticles and bad-looking nails. For a dash of color and creativity, acrylic nail designs prove effective. Creativity has no limits, and there are thousands of nail colors, designs and decorations to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the most fantastic acrylic nail designs that you can consider.

Black and White Glitter Acrylic Nail Art

black and white glitter acrylic nail art


Instead of wearing plain black nail paint, jazz it up with golden glitter. The golden glitter contrasts strikingly well on a black background. When some nails have less glitter than the others and at different places, they look as if the glitter just fell into the place.

Green and Black Nail Art Idea

attractive nail design idea1


The combination of silver and pink is perhaps one of the most favored nail art designs. Light pink shade perfectly complements silver color. Silver glitter painted on pink background asymmetrically gives a perfectly casual look to your nails.

Blue and White Glitter Nail Art for Medium Nails

blue and white glitter nail design for medium nails


Geometric designs are simple yet attractive, and stand out without looking too overwhelming. Nail bottoms are kept empty with natural color, so that when they grow out, you don’t need to touch up the nail beds.

Heart Shaped Nail Art For White Skin

heart shaped design nail art for white skin


If you are looking for some summer fun, then nails dotted with polka will be a great nail design. The combination of pink and black are perfect for a cool look. Pair them up with your favorite summer dress or light spring costume.

Pink Glitter Nail Design for Spring

awesome glitter nail design for spring



Sparkle Nail Art Idea

silver glitter black nails


Metallic colors make office friendly nail designs for sure. Give a grey base color to your nails, and draw intricate paisley or floral designs with taupe metallic nail paint. The metallic sheen is so successful at creating an optical illusion and a 3D effect.

Black and Gold Glitter Nail Art

golden glitter black nail design


Brown Color Nail Art for Acrylic Nails

amazing nail design for women


Paint some nails in deep and shiny red color, while others in shining black. Now, contrast them with red tips on black nails and black tips on red nails. This design looks classy and perfectly suits an evening event.

Made of nude, red, silver and white, these nail designs are made attractive with hearts, kisses, bows and glitter. Give a nude background to your nails, add some sparkle and rhinestones, and affix a heart here or a bow there.

Flower Designed Nail Art Idea

flower designed glitter nail art looks so pretty


Soft pastel acrylic nail designs look delicate, and are usually made in light pastel colors. Paint the nails in natural colors, and draw delicate pink flowers with acrylic paint. They perfectly suit the look of upper-class ladies going to evening tea parties.

Elegant Acrylic Nail Art

elegant acrylic design nail paint


Trendy Blue and White Nail Design

blue and white nail design spa


Gorgeous Black and White Nail Art Idea

gorgeous black and white designed nails


Pretty Nail Art for Wedding

pretty and cute nail design for women


Rhinestones form an integral part of acrylic nail designs. Pair them with a base color so that they can shine through subtly. When placed on the right places in attractive patterns, rhinestones look elegant and classy without dominating the nail surface.

Simple And Easy Nail Art

simple and easy designed nail polish


Trendy Nail Art Idea

latest trendy design nail art


Fabulous Nail Design Idea

fabulous nail design idea


Glitter Nail Art for Medium Nails

glitter acrylic nail art design


Going to a Halloween Party? Give a spooky touch to your nails with these cute Halloween nail art designs. Give a purple background to your nails, and draw a black spider on one nail, a spider web on the other, and some spooky eyes here and there.

Blue And Silver Glitter Nail Art

blue and silver glitter nail art


Fashionable Nail Art for Wedding

fashionable nail design for bridal


Blue Stones Nail Design

blue stones nail design


When it comes to acrylic nail designs, there are a plethora of options to choose from. The occasion and the outfit you are carrying can make a lot of difference with your choice. The nail designs mentioned here are suitable for different occasions and ensembles, and you will definitely find the one that will perfectly suit you as well. However, there is no limit to innovation here, and we are ready to welcome suggestions from your side too.

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