Acrylic nail designs have become a must-have for any modern woman. It’s not just because they tend to create an illusion of longer feminine fingers, but these nails also give you the perfect canvas to create a bunny nail art. When done in the right way, this animal print nail design will complement your personality and make your fingers stand out. Whether you prefer vibrant or subtle colors, there’s a bunny nail art that will suit you.

Bunny Acrylic Nail Art

bunny acrylic nail art


Bunny acrylic nail art design is not just for Easter; you can also wear this design on a casual date when attending a party or during prom. Go for a red nail polish to show your bold personality.

Cartoon Bunny Nail Art Design

cartoon bunny nail art design


A cartoon bunny nail art is a design that both young and mature ladies can have on their fingernails. Go for a light pink shade to give your nails a feminine look that will complement both official and casual outfits.

Bunny Ears Nail Design Idea

bunny ears nail design idea


When it comes to acrylic nails, you can go for either subtle or vibrant colors depending on your mood at that particular time. For spring, go for a bold purple color and use a white shade to draw your bunny.

If you’re in a flirty mood which is perfect for a date or party, then go for a playboy bunny nail art. The trick to making this nail elegant is to use black polish to draw the bunny and add a few glitters.

Easter Bunny Nails

easter bunny nails


Whether short or long, Easter bunny nails are cute and stylish. For short nails opt for cool color shades such as light blue and pink that complements all skin tones.

Glitter Bunny Nails Design

glitter bunny nails design


Glitter Bunny nail design gives acrylic nails that glamorous appeal that is perfect for parties. By using a combination of different colors on each nail with added glitters on top, you’ll be portraying a creativity that is unique.

Easy Bunny Nail Art Design

easy bunny nail art design


Both kids and teenagers can experiment with pink nails. What’s unique about this easy bunny nail art design is that apart from using a vibrant pink nail polish color, it also incorporates a slightly rough texture that gives glamorous effect.

Green, yellow and white are some of the amazing colors that you can use this spring to create cute bunny nail art. Add gold embellishments and a polka dot design to give your nails a happy mood.

Pretty Bunny Nails Design

pretty bunny nails design


The best part about Easter nail designs is that you can use it on each nail without making your fingers ugly. This pretty bunny nail design is perfect for girls who are on holidays or ladies who are on a vacation.

Short Bunny Nails

short bunny nails


This colorful nail art design will surely give you a lot of positive comments. Incorporating floral patterns, blue and purple circles will make even short nails look feminine and elegant without any color overshadowing the other.

Simple Bunny Nail Art

simple bunny nail art


Polka Dot Bunny Nails

polka dot bunny nails


Pastel Bunny Nail Art

pastel bunny nail art


Bunny and Carrot Nail Art

bunny and carrot nail art


Cool Bunny Glitter Nails

cool bunny glitter nails


Bunny Nail Art for Long Nails

bunny nail art for long nails


Pink Color Bunny Nails

pink color bunny nails


How to take care of your acrylic nails?

While women prefer acrylic nails because they are long-lasting, they can easily break when exposed to water. So, if you need to touch water wear gloves, or wash with an antibacterial soap and dry immediately. When it comes to removing the nail polish, opt for a remover that is acetone free.

Bunny nail art is ideal for ladies who are looking to make a statement with their nails. The creativity that comes with this design will definitely portray your personality and make you look classy. If you prefer a simple French manicure, then add the bunny design on the French tips to make your fingers cute and unique.

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