Paper is one of the lightest materials we can incorporate into the jewelry design. It is the most astonishing thing how well fashioned and colorful paper can be. Inspired not only by geometry or natural curves, paper jewelry is also easy to wear and simple to make. Even children can do it. So can you, too.

This is something which will make you look extraordinary, without putting too much stress on your wallet and you will feel like you are wearing Tropical Jewelry at the same time.

Quilled Paper Jewelry

quilled paper jewelry

Quilled paper earrings are fashioned with ease. When you combine it with moon shape design and your imagination, spirals and circles will fire up your looks and put sparkling smile on your face.

Paper Bead Jewelry Design

paper bead jewelry design


If you are seeking for a fast, inexpensive recycled bead jewelry design, you are on the right page. This is something you will love wearing or giving as a gift. Handcrafted item will make jealous anyone else, because it is plain unique.

Turn junk mail like bills, correspondence, magazines, brochures, comics and wrapping paper, into nicest and coolest handmade jewelry that may be used to make bracelets or necklaces.

Recycled Paper Earrings

paper earrings

Take colored paper, probably best made of cover pages of old magazines and turn it into a spiral. You will get this great design. We simply love this kind of ingenious plan to make something worth of admiring, made of something which was thrown into the garbage. One man’s garbage, the other man’s treasure.

Paper Chain Jewelry Design

paper chain jewelry design

Try out some more serious approach like this adorable vintage men’s tie chain made of sterling silver. Golf club’s 3D logo will not buy you exclusive membership in local golf club, but will add extra cool looks onto you.

The rice paper is perfect base to incorporate any of your ideas. Outlined with shiny wire and with addition of crystal, it will represent an exclusive and unique piece of jewelry from your jewelry box. Wear it with ease and pride, as this is your personal DIY thing.

This vintage model brings us back in mid 80-s, when art to wear earrings were so popular. Just look at blue splash paint on paper looks great, isn’t it? They look like they have dropped from a rainbow.

Another easy and funny DIY project. Take photographs of sofas and other furniture from old magazines, cut them out with the razor sharp blade and laminate them on small plates. Very light and comfortable to wear and you will be a person who is totally different.

Floral Paper Jewelry Design


This is a great looking medallion, made of timber. Circle, fashioned to look old, with paper flowers glued on both sides. Don’t you love this kind of simple pendant? This will be perfect for your romantic date, if your partner is an artist or musician. Comfortably fits in with whatever you are wearing!

Blue Paper Jewelry Idea

blue paper jewelry idea


When it comes to owls we can say only one thing-wisdom. Animal Themed Jewelry is latest hype, but this kind of bracelet will not make you wiser. But it will make you look cool. For a wisdom you have to pass through many different paths in your life, but this little blue mascot will be there to cheer you up on rainy day.

Star Paper Earrings Design

star paper earrings design


Simple Paper Necklace Idea

simple paper necklace idea


Modern Paper Studs

modern paper stods


Beautiful Paper Necklace Idea

beautiful paper necklace idea


Paper Grapes Necklace Design

paper grapes necklace design


Vintage Blue Paper Bracelet

vintage blue paper bracelet

Pink with Bunny Print Paper Earrings

pink with bunny print paper earrings

Paper Quilling Jhumka Earrings

paper quilling indian jhumka earrings

Yellow Colorful Beaded Necklace

yellow colorful beaded necklace

Paper Tribal Necklace

paper mache necklace

Choker necklace is something you can do by using techniques we provided here. Ultimate design is in your head, so free your imagination and do something inspirational. Please, share it with us.

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