The types of jewellery you wear give your personality and outfit a beautiful look. There are also various jewelry designs available for men in the market. Perfect jewellery on perfect outfit makes personality more enhancing as well as attractive. Types like modern jewellery, URBAN JEWELLERY, designer jewellery, ANIMAL THEMED JEWELLERY precious jewellery, fashion jewellery, etc. and much more types under this section. Urban jewellery also has various designs.

Urban Wire Jewelry

urban wire jewelry

Another sub-category under urban jewellery design is the wire jewellery. This can be considered under culture jewellery, because in many parts of different countries they have the tradition of making jewellery from normal metal wire or precious metal wires as well. You can buy this type of jewellery in the handicraft or art and craft sale. In India these types of jewellery is mostly found in the north region.
Wooden jewellery is one of the most ancient types of jewellery which is very much popular in the modern times. It was used by our ancestors as they carved beautiful designs in wood to give it the form of an ornament.

Antique Urban Jewelry

antique urban jewelry

This kind of jewellery is rare in the market and costly too because it is considered to be antique, which means different, old and very precious. They are rarely available in the market.

Handmade Urban Jewelry

handmade urban jewelry

There are artists specifically trained to make handmade urban jewellery designs. They have all the material required to make the ornament look handmade yet beautiful.

Vintage Urban Jewelry Design

vintage urban jewelry design1

Vintage urban jewellery is one of the most elegant jewellery patterns of all the urban jewellery designs. They are made in a particular time period as per the procedure.

Urban Bling Jewelry

urban bling jewelry

Bling jewellery is ostentatious i.e. expensive jewellery. They are unique and made with different techniques. Everyone can wear this kind of jewellery. Perfectly beautiful this enhances the beauty of the buyers and is worth the investment.

Beaded Urban jewelry

beaded urban jewelry

Beaded jewellery is most beautiful and fashionable designs in the market. Most elegant of all beads always add beauty to the jewellery designs. And the most convenient part is that you can choose the colour of the beads according to the color combination of your outfit. Men, as well as ladies, can wear this beaded jewellery. Beads can also be made with PAPER JEWELLERY. It is as per the demand of the customers.

Urban Black Metal Earrings

urban black metal earrings

Urban Feather Necklace

urban feather necklace

Statement Urban Jewelry

statement urban jewelry

Along with culture jewellery, paper jewellery, urban jewellery, are now trending in the market, but with urban jewellery designs, TROPICAL JEWELLERY looks very beautiful on the ethnic outfits. Urban jewellery designs are different from the regular designs and are very precious and also luxurious depending upon the person wearing the jewellery.

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