The animal-themed trends made a lasting impression on the fashion scene during spring of 2013. This trend is still thriving and evolving to a long range of options for modern fashionistas. Animal themed jewelry is taking over jewelry of every type – rings, necklaces, and earrings.

The owl-themed jewelry is continuing to stay as a favorite genre, though more woodland creatures are making a hit among stylists. Rabbits, mice, deer, foxes, and horses are not only adorable but taking the fashion world by storm.

Chopard Animal World Collection

Humming Bird Necklace

humming bird necklece

Polar Bear Ring

polar bear ring

Diamond Owl Watch

diamond owl watch

Peacock Earrings

peacock earrings

Regal Tiger Necklace

regal tiger necklace

Bulgari Animal Collection

Serpenti Bracelet with Pave Diamonds

serpenti bracelet

Serpenti Tubogas Bracelet

serpenti bracelet collection

Pink Gold Pave Diamond Necklace



Cartier Animal Collection

Panthere Ring White Gold, Yellow Gold

panthere ring white gold yellow gold

panthere ring collection

panthere ring collections

panther rings

Panthere Necklace

panther necklace

panther necklace 1

panther necklace 12

panther necklace 4

panther necklace 5


Boucheron Animal Themed Jewellery

Swan Ring with Diamonds

swan ring with diamonds

Horse Ring

horse ring

Peacock Ring Sapphires

peacock jewellery designs

Turtle Ring Pink Quartz

tortoise ring

Panda Ring Emerald

panda ring emeralds

Hummingbird Ring Blue Sapphire

hummingbird ring blue sapphire

Swan Stud Earrings

swan stud earrings

Lion Cub Ring

lion cub ring

Hedgehog Ring

hedgehog ring

Cockatoo Pendant

cockatoo pendant

Elephant Ring

elephant ring

Horse Ring

horse ring

Owl Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds

owl ring designs

Turtle Ring with Pave Diamonds

turtle ring with pave diamonds

Chameleon Ring

chameleon ring


Roberto Coin Animal Collection

White Gold with Blue Sapphires

18kt white gold with blue sapphires

Spider Ring in Rose and Burnished Gold

spider ring

Turtle Ring With Brown and Colorless Diamonds

turtle gentle

Hedgehog Ring with Black Sapphires

hedgehog ring with black sapphires

Frog Ring with Black Gold

frog ring with black gold

Aries Ring With Brown Diamonds

aries ring with brown diamonds

Parrot Ring with Diamonds and Color stones

parrot ring

Snake Ring

snake ring

Octopus Bracelet

octopus bracelet


Snakes, panthers, and wolves are currently the most desirable jewelry accessory. Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Florence Welch have all been seen sporting snake jewelry from rings to necklaces – giving an aura of glamour and mystery.

A hot trend this season includes animals stacked on rings, animal wrap-around rings and necklaces, and the animal profiles cut into coins.

Animal charms allow for an interesting and versatile look to try out and select what works best for you. Animal designs often include animal bones rather than images of animals. Some opt to bejewel the silhouette, incorporating jewels as eyes or giving texture to the metal the coat or color of the animal.

Grab the spotlight and update your look with this fantastic fall trend.

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