Paw prints in earrings are a unique design as they indicate the delicate paws of puppies or dogs. We all know dogs are a loyal companion and showing some affection to your pet can be done so by way of wearing them in jewelry. Nowadays there is no limit to the creativity done when it comes to jewelry and paw printed jewelry is without doubt, a very unconventional theme but at the same time looks pretty and cute. Below is a list of some of the cutest paw printed earrings. You may also see Geometric Earring Designs

These are a pair of super cute earrings having a small round shape with pink mini paw prints. It has a white background which makes the pink color highlight and is actually a handmade item. The materials used include a glass in silver tone setting and glue. You may also see Ice Cream Earring Designs

Paw Print Dangle Earrings

paw print dangle earrings

Dangles have never been out of style and this one with a paw print makes for a super pretty design. It has red rhinestones fixed in the paw design which add to the bling effect. These can be paired with any outfit to enhance the glam factor.

Dog Paw Print Earrings

dog paw print earrings

We all love dogs, don’t we? What better way to display your love for your pet than by wearing dog paw earrings? These dog paw print earrings in silver are really pretty and also features a dog bone as the dangler. They can be paired with any casual outfit to bring about a funky look and flaunt the love for dogs.

Diamond Paw Print Earrings

diamond paw print earrings

These are very classy and elegant diamond paw earrings where diamonds are studded in between the paws. These earrings are secured with the butterfly push back and are made of 100 per cent natural diamonds. These precious diamond earrings are perfect studs to be worn during all occasions.

Bear Paw Print Earrings

bear paw print earrings

These are beaded bear paw earrings which are in the form of danglers and have a unique color combination. The color combination is black with teal green with delicate beads, silver French hooks, threads and so on. These earrings with bear paw prints have a boho chic charm.

Crystal Paw Print Earrings

crystal paw print earrings

These are crystal paw printed earrings featuring gorgeous blue aqua marine crystals. These are children’s stud earrings and can look cute when paired with any casual or funky outfit for kids. This is a unique paw print design in jewelry and is featured with crystals.

Wooden Paw Print Earrings

wooden paw print earrings

These are wooden paw printed earrings where the paws have been carved perfectly in the cute little wooden earrings. The round shape of the earrings makes it cute and since they are mini in size, they are adorable and perfectly suited for children. It is a handmade item and materials used include wood.

Blue Paw Print Earrings

blue paw print earrings

These blue paw design danglers are cute and are made of metal. These earrings in blue have a lovely gloss finish. These paws symbolize both cats and dogs and are must-haves for all animal lovers.

Beaded Paw Print Earrings

beaded paw print earrings

Heart Shape Paw Print Earrings

heart shape paw print earrings

Red Paw Print Earrings

red paw print earrings

Grungy Paw Print Earrings

grungy paw print earrings

Paw Print Drop Earrings

paw print drop earrings

Beautiful Paw Print Earrings

beautiful paw print earrings


Opal Paw Print Earrings

opal paw print earrings


Black and White Paw Print Earrings

black and white paw print earrings


Simple Paw Print Earrings

simple paw print earrings


Pretty Paw Print Stud Earrings

pretty paw print stud earrings


Dogs and cats are such lovely companions, they make our hearts melt. What can be a better way to express your love for these domestic beings than by flaunting jewelry which has their paws design in them.

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