Jewellery is something that has an immense importance in our daily lives. Especially for women folks, no occasion are complete without suitable Jewellery. The role of jewellery has been crucial throughout the course of human history. Looking to explore the contemporary jewellery market? Why not try Flower Earring designs that have become fashionable in the last few years? These days due to online shopping portals, buying attractive jewellery is just a few mouse click away!

Daisy Flower Stud Earrings

daisy flower stud earrings

Flower stud earrings always occupy a special place in a woman’s heart. And this handmade earring is exactly what you wish for. Made of resin and ceramic, this silver plated earring is also hand printed. The posts are silver plated with large plastic and silver plated backs.

Daisy Drop Earrings

daisy drop earrings

If you are looking for surprises, then you should check these earrings out. As the earrings set also includes a necklace. Amazing, isn’t it? This set is made up of brass and rhodium plated with cubic zirconia in the centre. Moreover, it is available in two colours, yellow and emerald. You may also see Antique Earring Designs

Diamond Daisy Earrings

diamond daisy earrings

These import earrings set is another one to look out for! Designed by the famous Rosanna Karmes this set contains natural stones. The body is made of 14k gold. Although the stone pieces are subtle and small nonetheless, this set makes a bold statement and looks classy!

Daisy Dangle Earrings

daisy dangle earrings

These vintage dangle earrings are beautiful and delicate. Made of sterling silver and enamel these traditional earrings are a class apart. If required, you can also ask the seller to polish the set and then send it to you. The seller also promises a quick delivery.

Vintage Daisy Earrings

vintage daisy earrings

These vintage Floral Screw Earrings are made of enamel. If you are looking for something vintage, traditional and as well as economical, then this earring set is a must for you. The screw mechanism makes these earrings set unique.

Wire Wrapped Daisy Earrings

wire wrapped daisy earrings

This Wire Earrings set a style statement and looks trendy and cool. Manufactured using anodized aluminium wire these earrings are comfortable to wear, extremely lightweight and sturdy. You can also choose from several colour options!

Crystal Daisy Earrings

crystal daisy earrings

These Colorful Flower Crystal Earrings are perfect for teenagers and girls. Made from genuine 925 sterling silver this set also comes with a gift box. The silver is covered by a layer of nickel and lead, which protects the silver from tarnishing.

Daisy Hoop Earrings Design

daisy hoop earrings design

These gypsy hoop earrings are crafted in gold-tone mixed metals and make the perfect style statement. You can wear it on any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding. The multicolored beads add a flowery touch to the look.

These earrings are also handmade and look cute and beautiful as well. Primarily made of gold and brass, these are also economical. The seller also promises a personalised gift box as well. You can surprise your loved ones with this set.

Enamel Daisy Earrings

enamel daisy earrings

These multi coloured girls earrings are perfect for girls, especially teenagers. These multi-coloured enamel post earrings set is 18k Gold Plated and sets a stylish fashion trend. This is a class of jewellery which every girl would love to have!

Pink Daisy Flower Earrings

pink daisy flower earrings

Daisy Chandelier Earrings

daisy chandelier earrings

Awesome Daisy Earrings Design

awesome daisy earrings design

Pretty Daisy Earrings Design

pretty daisy earrings design


Crochet Daisy Earrings Idea

crochet daisy earrings idea


Handmade Daisy Flower Earrings

handmade daisy flower earrings


Retro Style Daisy Earrings

retro style daisy earrings


Mandala Earrings are becoming increasingly popular. Although these earrings have been traditionally associated with the rich and fashion-conscious class, but now it is widely used. These earrings are made from a variety of metals like Gold, platinum etc.

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